Monday, July 27, 2009

A Proper Introduction and Something Completely Different

This is my second time posting, but I never properly introduced myself. My name is Grace and I finished my undergraduate degree with a double major in Biochemistry and Genetics in May 2009 and I'm starting graduate school in the fall to study molecular microbiology and/or genetics in hopes of earning a PhD at some point in the future. Like the other ladies here, I'm not particularly what people envision when they think of my field - I'm loud, pretty gregarious and I absolutely love clothes and beauty. As far as nail polish goes - I love all types of colors - in particular greens and almost any creme nail polish under the sun. I love doing everything from bright and outrageous manicures to more classic styles (though you'll never catch me with french tips).

Speaking of outrageous, one of my favorite nail related toys is KONAD (check the sidebar for a 20% off promo code!) - I've found from my experimentation that much of the China Glaze OMG collection works like magic with them.

This look is a little over the top for me, but I figure I have a few years to get this out of my system before I need to begin acting and looking more professional! For this mani I used China Glaze LOL, DV8 and the M63 Konad plate with OMG.

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flinty said...

That is HOT! I LOVE!

I'm sad about having to act like a professional with mynails. With TA'ing, I have to, though, especially because I look about 17 years old (I'm in the second half of my 20s). Last time I checked, college kids don't really listen to short 17 year old girls. Sigh.

Adrienne said...

Grace, i already told you that I love your Konad on MUA ha

but I wanted to say that my best friend finished her undergrad as Mole bio/biochem. Now she's working as a lab tech at the her undergrad institution. I remember she studies flies, she tells me they're mutated ha... and something about Braca2? I don't understand or know much about that stuff. All gibberish to me, but it's cool that you study this kind of science too!!

Grace of Spades said...

Thankfully I'm not going to an undergraduate institution so I don't have to TA unless I want to, and if I do end up TAing it'll be for medical students. I hardly look like a high school student, I don't think there's any way I could command the attention of undergraduates!

auroragyps said...


My ex-husband worked with fruit flies at Graduate school and he was trying to genetically engineer them, but the project didn't work. I bet the Braca2 strain has something wrong with their mouths (if I'm remembering my bug parts correctly). Fruit flies are gross, but cool scientifically.

Love the nails. Only worry about how you look in grad school when it's something important, otherwise be yourself.

auroragyps (who's ex was voted "worst dressed" in his grad school lab :-D )

flinty said...

Yeah, the first time I stood up in front of classroom, I seriously didn't know why ANYONE would listen to me.

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