Friday, August 28, 2009

100th post! BeautySak deals + a question about these types of posts

I dunno if number of posts for a blog is a milestone but 100 is a nice round number to comment on. That's not bad for about six weeks and seven bloggers: awww... I remember when it was just me. Because that's a real tax on my memory there. :)

I'd like to point y'all in the direction of BeautySak, which sells a decent selection of Rescue Beauty Lounge and pretty much ALL Lippmann polishes at a slightly discounted rate: all Lippmanns are $15 ($1 cheaper than most places) and the core RBL polishes are $16 ($2 cheaper than most) though the few new RBLs are the typical $18. Shipping is always free on orders over $50 -- a total easy to reach when you're buying polishes for $16 a pop.

And on that subject, do readers of this blog like that I so frequently update with coupon codes, sales and lower-than-usual-prices that I hear about?

(Don't forget to enter in the BB Couture for Men giveaway using the form in the sidebar!!)

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Lucy said...

Congrats on reacing 100 followers!!! Streamer and fireworks are going off for you. In my mind anyway. I enjoy your updates. What's not to like about good information. Have a wonderful weekend.

mKat said...

I wish I lived in the US... Good deals are harder to come by for Canadians. (In some cases, anyway!) :P

Anonymous said...

Yes, keep the info coming!

hiromix said...

wow congrats!!! i love your blog.
i'm so glad that i'm currently living in korea where the manicure-culture is much more appreciated and catered for than in austria or the uk :)

nirfreak03 said...

congrats on your 100 posts! and i do love hearing about different sales and coupon codes. gives me more incentive to trying other brands of polishes :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the coupon codes. There are coupons that are similar to this site which could save you big bucks.

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