Friday, August 14, 2009

NOTD + Coastal Scents coupon/promo code for August 14th-15th

For those who like frankening with pigments or having cosmetic glitter on hand for nail art, Coastal Scents has a coupon code for today and tomorrow only that takes 14% off of everything! Coupon code: LOVE (expires 11:59PM August 15th, 2009).

Also, I keep on forgetting to mention this but Head2Toe has a 5% coupon code that expires very soon! It's not much but maybe think of it as a small shipping discount and it won't seem ridiculous? ;) Code: AUG05 (expires August 15, 2009).

So this isn't a pictureless post, here was yesterday's NOTD!

Maybelline Mirror Image
So shiny and reflective! It's almost as bright as using foils. Two coats + their special ridge-filling basecoat. No topcoat because it seems to ruin the even surface of the nail.

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Kae said...

The finish on that is amazing, I hope to find an old package of that someday haha.

Lucy said...

Love this mirror image polish. I hope to find this someday. I got rid of so much good polish years ago. What a jerk for doing that. Your nails look so shiny and pretty.

Anonymous said...

I love this polish, I got mine from Ebay for a very low price. It did some weird drying out thing to my nails the first time I used it, maybe I should put regular base coat under their own base coat? Have been thinking about wearing it again lately and I think you may have just made my mind up for me!

flinty said...

Kae, Lucy: I did the same thing as tsnails, I found it on eBay for a somewhat reasonable price. It's more than it cost originally but not as much as it goes for sometimes! (I paid $10, I've seen then for $25 though.)

tsnails: I don't get extra drying from the basecoat but I have somewhat dry nails to begin with.

Anonymous said...

They've sold those years and years ago( i think about 5 ,maybe 6 years), apparently mine had a weird texture after years of just letting it in my polish-storage and i threw it away- now i use the bottles to franken :D

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