Monday, August 17, 2009

Essentials: my favorite hidden gem beauty supply store

Whenever I visit NYC, I hit Essentials on 5th Ave and 16th (I think 16th, at least). It's not always going to have great finds but it's a great place to find some discounted salon polishes (and other nifty cosmetic items as well, such as Golden Rose eye makeup). Years ago, this place was my go-to for cheap Essies and OPIs. This time, I didn't find either but I did find a couple of baskets of SpaRitual for $4 each!

No fantastically interesting colors but I picked up a couple of solid basics: Hot Blooded (magenta creme), Shower the People (fine purple shimmer topcoat) and Death by Chocolate (dark brown creme). They also had, to my surprise, Mavalas! I've never seen these sold in the US. Again, I'm rather uninterested in their color range but it's good to know where I can find Mavala if I wanted it.

They also had Essie Matte About You but this has been quite the popular item!

I also found one of the Essie LE Love, Beverly Hills polishes that contains 24k gold shimmer. (I don't see what's so special about it. Especially at its price tag!)

Alas, no OPI DS Glamour here either. But an entire line of OPI Mattes, if that floats your boat. I've decided to avoid matte polishes: too chippy, too unforgiving of nail and application flaws. Matte topcoats are good enough for me.

I also ducked into the H&M down the street. They have polishes but none of the holo beauties found in Europe recently. Still I picked up a shimmery bluish-charcoal color. The first Ricky's was also a bust, having neither the polishes nor the Ben Nye products I wanted. And what happened to the Ricky's outlet?? :(

Anyway, day one complete. And to make it a great day, I got to see one of my best friends from college (whom I hadn't seen in eight months)! She was randomly in the city and leaving tonight so we met up and got to spend some quality time comparing notes on life. :)

All in all, for a day that started out with turbulence and no sleep, it's been a wonderful day after all.

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anotheremptysky said...

glad MAY is so popular!! :D I'm with you, no matte polishes only top coat! hope day two brings you more goodies! welcome to the east coast!

Adrienne said...

ohh!! i paid $10 for that essie. But then again, i only own 3 reds lol

Lucy said...

I really think I'm just getting the Essie also. The matte just chip to easy. Hope you find what your looking for. I wouldn't pay the price for the Beverly Hills. Enjoy your visit.

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