Tuesday, August 11, 2009

NOTD: Nubar Forest and Orly Enchanted Forest semi-skittles

At the request of a Nail Board member, I decided that my NOTD would also function as a comparison swatch of these two dark green cremes that came out around the same time. They both apply very smoothly, are opaque in two coats, and are gorgeous to boot. And they are very different. (Well, they're different to ME -- they might be functionally the same to about 99.9999% of the population, i.e. normal humans who don't own hundreds of nail polishes.) Nubar is more jelly-like in finish (though it is definitely a creme) and Orly is firmly in creme territory. Orly is rich and dark and Nubar is rich and vibrant. All in all, the Nubar feels more like a spring/summer polish because of its brightness -- though I really don't follow those seasonal edicts -- and the Orly is more fall/winter.

Index and ring finger: Orly Enchanted Forest
Middle and pinky: Nubar Forest
(w/Diamont topcoat)

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