Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some Barielle swatches from the All Lacquered Up collection

I was in a weird mood when I ordered my Barielle/ALU polishes. I usually like the unusual, attention-getting polishes but neglected to get Falling Star (it kinda just tweaks me the wrong way) or the green one (a bit too frosty looking). So I got mostly cremes from the collection and after two long weeks of waiting -- seriously, did FedEx come by way of Papua New Guinea? -- I got them today and... I am underwhelmed. I might not have been so underwhelmed if it didn't take so long, thereby building anticipation... but anticipation was built and after all that build-up, I experienced a let-down.

Part of this is that in three of the five ALU/Barielle polishes I received, the bristles in the brush were loose. This is not a huge problem: find a pair of scissors, do some snipping, presto chango, brush with no bristles prickling out in odd directions. But there are cheaper polishes (that arrive in a more timely manner) with brushes that aren't defective. And I really don't like having to make something "as good as new" when I've bought them new. :P One of the non-prickly-bristle polishes was also kinda goopy, which made swatching nicely just that much harder. So out of the five ALU/Barielle polishes I got, only one applied without a single hitch.

Enough of me complaining. On to the pictures!

Barielle U-Concrete-Me
Nice basic grey with a slightly browned base. Perfectly lovely and the application would have been sooooo smooth, if not for the bristles. Again, scissors, snip-snip, perfection.

Barielle Putt-E-On-Me
I love me some taupe! This one with a slightly more reddish/purple base. Fab application. Sure, I have a lot of these sorts of drab taupe-y creme shades right now but I like 'em and I'll keep buying 'em until I realize I have waaaay too many.

Barielle Get-Mauve-ing
Doesn't do a thing for me. I don't hate it -- it's a pretty nice polish -- but I can't see reaching for this ever again.

Barielle Make-It-a-Latte
I'm getting into browns lately and am loving this one: rich brown with gold and red shimmer. Very classy and very autumn.

Close-up of Make-It-a-Latte (is there a pun I'm not getting here? What is up with the hyphens?)

Barielle Blackened-Bleu

Saved my favorite to last. I didn't know if I would care of this one since it seemed dupey to China Glaze Blk-Bila-Bong (more hyphens!) but I haven't compared them yet. I just know that this is one gorgeous polish with a lot of depth and appearances depending on how the light hits it.

Close-up of Blackened-Bleu

From these polishes, and the photos I've seen online, I don't see any real compelling reason to run out and buy the rest of the collex (especially without the 15% off coupon first-timer coupon). And since I also picked up five others I've wanted from old/core collections, I probably won't be indulging in Barielle very much for awhile. It seems to be a very reliable brand with good application and a nice variety of colors and finishes, but at a normal $8 a piece + shipping (even if you do the Buy-2-Get-1-Free)... eh, there are other polishes in the sea. :) It is very cool, though, that Michelle at ALU got to help design these polishes. Does anyone know if she profits from them as well?

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Lizard Lady said...

Make-It-A-Latte and Blackened-Bleu are both quite pretty. I was afraid BB would be dupey to chG Blk Bila Bong or Chanel Nuit de Russie, but from your pics it doesn't look it.
I don't think the green (Polished Princess...*barf*) is frosty at all in person, it's a cool/weird iridescent shimmer - but not frosty (to me) cuz I HATE frosties.
I prefer the formula on the core/old collex, these don't seem quite as good.
Great swatches! I'm looking forward to Obsessive Compulsive.

flinty said...

Me too. Except these are coming via Parcel Post. ARRGH.

daydream222 said...

I love PoM and YCM but I'm wondering if I truly NEED these since I seem to have this urge to collect every single muddy/taupe/grey shade on the market!

flinty said...

Yep, that's pretty much how I ended up with these polishes.

Lucy said...

I ordered the whole collection. I am pleased with all of the colors. Falling Star is my favorite. I had to thin it out twice. It was goppy to apply. I didn't mind since I love it so much. I haven't worn the rest yet. The green is another favorite. It really isn't frosty. In my humble opinion that is.

Anonymous said...

I got 3 of these polishes, and I am so disapointed with them! They wear horribly - I had major chips the same day I painted them! My Orly, OPI, and China Glaze polishes all waer much better. Won't be buying from Barielle again.

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