Monday, September 7, 2009

And the countdown begins

Wowoww only one week until my exam :( Very scared. I took a practice test in the testing facility last week. I'm glad I got the opportunity to do that so I know what to expect on the day of the exam. Very high security, they wanted my fingerprint every time I went in and out of the testing room. They mean business!! The practice test didn't do as well as I had been doing. I took my time for once, and I scored lower than what I had been scoring!! Strange!!!!! I always rush through the practice tests I do at home. Actually, I rush through every test I've ever taken lol I just want to get it over with!! I honestly don't feel confident at all for my test next Monday :( Sigh at least I will have fabulous mani to look at during the four hour exam!

Today, i have another evolution of my mani from last week. Naturistics Crystal Blue Pearl in sunlight:

This is a blurple polish with small silver/blurple glitter in it. I was hoping this would be dupey to Essie Starry Starry night, but was kinda disappointed when it came out blurple. But it is pretty in its own right! Then in the middle of the week I decided to up this mani with some glitter topcoat that I got in Flushing from TheFaceShop:

Here is Naturistics Crystal blue pearl topped with TheFaceShop BL602. The second pic is purposely blurred to show how ridiculously amazing this is. BL602 is a sheer light blue base with little bits of light blue shimmer and tons of amazing round glitter. As soon as I put this on I was blown away, freaking sparkley as all hell and totally over the top. This is my first TheFaceShop nail polish. TheFaceShop is a Korean cosmetics brand. They had other nail colors at the store, but I had to resist and only buy one polish. Glad I chose this one :)

Then I decided to make it matte!!!!!!

Not as matte as I wanted it to be, but still interesting none the less. I don't know why but the glitter on my pointer finger all turned silver, not holo-y at all!! There wasn't any sun out when I made it matte, but still very pretty. :) I really like being able to just layer stuff on top of my mani to make it into something entirely different, I don't have to do a whole new mani entirely!

Hope all my fellow US people are enjoying the last bit of their three day weekends :) And everyone else is enjoying their Mondays!

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nihrida said...

That Naturistics nail polish is to die for! WOW!

Inbal said...

good luck on your exam! :-)
I love the Naturistics polish! it's so pretty. layering is always fun - I also tend to layer every mani to transform it to something new... and mostly with glitters LOL

Lucy said...

That is gorgeous! Your nails are just amazing. I love it. The extra glitter on top looks even more awesome.

flinty said...

I'm sure you'll do fine on your exam. It's nice that you got to take a test run at the testing place! :)

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