Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Color Club Wild at Heart collection

It's really rare that I buy entire collections; even more rare that I like an entire collection. It's only because when I ordered from VNS, only the entire Color Club Wild at Heart collection was available. So, knowing that I wanted four, I decided to go for all six anyway. I am SO incredibly happy that I did. I don't love these all equally but I like them all and as a whole, it just feels complete, you know?

Color Club Rule Breaker
A very ordinary, very reliable, very pretty teal shimmer. Could do with two coats, three is pictured above. I think this is the most boring one though and if I were to swap/sell any of these, this would be it.

Color Club Love 'Em, Leave 'Em
An elegant golden-beige holo. Extremely mild holo. Granted, I took this when there was no sun out -- it was in and out during this entire swatch session -- so there's, like, no holo whatsoever in the photo but trust me, the polish shows up as holo (however mild). I didn't think I'd like it because it falls into that nude range that makes my fingers look weird but there's something really wearable about this polish.

Color Club Wild at Heart

This polish definitely deserved to the headliner of this collection: dark purple holo goodness. It's so dense and rich and gorgeous. Probably is most peoples' favorite from this collex. It's hard not to love it best but it's not my favorite.

Video of Wild at Heart:

Color Club On the Wild Side
Dark blue-grey metallic. This polish does NOT photograph well. First of all, it doesn't look this brush-stroke-y. It looks like an ordinary frosty grey metallic here but it's much more saturated IRL and it's not a color I have a lot of. The closest I can think of is BB Couture Blue Steel but Blue Steel is blacker and less frosty. (I do like Blue Steel better but all my photos really undermined how edgy On the Wild Side is.)

Color Club With Abandon

Second favorite: used three different exposures to show the depth of the gold shimmer. Pigmented black jelly base (so it becomes opaque in two coats) but still chock full of clusters of fine gold and bronze shimmer that shine through in most lights. In harsh, direct light, you see the shimmer on the surface but in indirect light, the shimmer looks like it's glowing from within. Mysterious and sexy.

Color Club Wild and Willing

Trichromatic gorgeousness! My absolute favorite from the collection even though it's the most pain to apply: four coats here and it still seemed uneven in a few places. But look at it! It doesn't even need different angles to show the multichrome effect. It's gold-rose-green and it doesn't flicker between colors when you move your fingers, it changes in saturation. Lighter from some angles, deeper and richer in others. Super bright, shimmery finish and yet so delicate. Repeat: pain to apply and TOTALLY worth the trouble.

Man, $13.50 well spent. There isn't a single high-end polish that I would trade this collection for... Actually, I couldn't afford a high-end polish with just the extra $13.50 from this set.

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D:) said...

Wild and Willing is stunning on you.

Regine said...

Oh thanks for the swatches. I didn't think Rule Breaker was ordinary and boring but maybe cause I don't have many like that.
Since I don't like holos nor duo-trichromes, but I love vampys, With Abandon had to be my favorite. I've already ordered two bottles, but 88 messed up my order and is only sending one :(

Lovely colors. I agree that it was money well spent (for somebody who likes those finishes). Color Club is impressing me lately.

krisprimps said...

Funny, your least fave has been my NOTD yesterday and today. :) We do agree on Wild at Heart!

Lucy said...

I'm so glad that I bought the whole collection. It is filled with beautiful colors and finishes for everyone's tastes. Your nails are so lovely. All of the polishes look magnificent on you.

flinty said...

D: Thanks! I could stare at it for hours.

Regine: I'm sure it'll be available for some time yet! I don't think it's many peoples' favorites. Wild at Heart will sell out for sure, but With Abandon should be safe for awhile. :)

krisprimps: It's not that it's ugly -- I think it's pretty!! -- I just like the rest of the collex better. ;)

lucy: Thank you so much!

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