Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Discount Beauty Center promo/discount code!

Discount Beauty Center has another $5 off of $25 (AUTUMN5) and $10 off of $100 (AUTUMN10) coupon codes again (expires: September 22, 2009). This time, you guys should use them for the OPI Suedes which are retailing for $6.79 each.

(I'm on the fence about Suedes. Maybe y'all can convince me that I need one or two at least.)

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D:) said...

I did it! I bought them all :P. Overboard much? Of course they didn't have Essie's MAY. I also picked up Paz Matte and KwikSilvr (or however u spell it).

Thanks for the heads up! I told you I love these posts.

Lucy said...

I haven't really seen too much of the suedes. I'm interested in seeing more of them swatched. I think I will like them better than the matte.

flinty said...

D: LOL, hey, the more for you to swatch on this blog, huh? I'm not convinced that I want the Suedes so I'm glad one of us got some. Or all. MAY is being carried by most etailers now, I believe. Best price, I think, is still VNS though you have to email them to add it to your order. And I LOVE White Kwik-slvr... or whatever. Great polish!

Lucy: Yeah, I'm not seeing too much of the Suedes either in the blogosphere. I think they'll be more popular than the mattes though.

kelliegonzo said...

i need them all..oh i burn i pine i perish! haha it is after all, polish or perish yes? <3

flinty said...

kellie: yep, emphasis on the perish. ;)

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