Monday, September 14, 2009

Essie Chinchilly & Mink Muffs

The formula on the these two Essie Cuddle with Color polishes was strangely watery and thin. Decently pigmented but still requiring three coats each.

Essie Chinchilly
Light greyed taupe (and ever-so-slightly greenish) creme. An interesting color. It's not a really a grey.

Essie Mink Muffs

Milk chocolate creme in some lights, dark taupe with a purply-mauve-y cast in others. See, I don't like this polish when it's milk chocolate. But when it's the weird shade that I can'tname, I really like it. So I'm a little bit torn on this one.

Final verdict? Thank god Essie's coming up with colors that aren't variations on pink or red. I just about gave up on it until the North Fork collex. And then I re-gave up on it with the overpriced, uninteresting "Hey! You can get a diamond, like a toy in a crackerjack box!" collex. But I had to pick some of these up. Not sure if I regret that or not.

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Tuli said...

I agree with you about the non pink-red part :-) that's good to see also other colors from Essie and I have to say I was surprised when I first saw the colors in this collection.

mKat said...

Chinchilly looks like ChG's Recycled to me... so I'm intrigued by the "not grey"ness of it.

xfoxglove said...

Those were the two shades I was considering. We're on the same wavelength, flinty!

LissaLee said...

I've been wanting mink muffs very badly, but chinchilly didn't appeal to me (doesn't go with my skin tone). I think Angora Cardi might be a hit, but these are just so flippin' hard to find in Montreal/Canada

Lucy said...

Darn, now looking at these two shades I want them. My favorites were the other two. They are both lovely shades. Your nails look gorgeous. Your photos are also brilliant.

Adrienne said...

definitely feeling mink muffs

flinty said...

Tuli: I'm glad they decided to shake it up. I mean, neons in a fall collection? Brilliant. :)

mKat: Recycle is much more of a saturated grey than Chinchilly and it has no brown or green tones.

xfoxglove: great minds!

lissa: What do people use in salons in Montreal?

lucy: Thanks so much!!

adrienne: glad you like. :)

DiamondsandTulle said...

Just found your blog when I was googling the colors I just got! USed/credited your pictures in my post. Hope you don't mind and maybe you'll check it out!

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