Sunday, September 13, 2009

Less than 24 hrs oh no!

Yep that's right, in less than 24 hours i'll be taking my exam. So today I've just been relaxing, i did my nails and pampered myself a bit. Trying not to stress, I only freaked out once and it was yesterday, but thankfully I had my BFF to calm me down and bring me back to my senses. Growing up is definitely tough and there are still so many questions I don't have answers to. I feel like i'm running out of time and must figure out the answers sooner rather than later =/ I guess only time will tell. So during the week I had this on:

This is Brucci Blue Sapphire. Super pretty blackened blue/navy that is still totally blue in low lighting and then when the light hits it, its filled with glimmer. It was perfectly opaque in one coat, but since I've grown out my nails and have more white tip, there was VNL so I put on a second coat. Absolutely stunning after the second coat and dry time was pretty fast. LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOVE this and is my new fav navy/blackened blue shimmer.
And now my current mani, Brucci Black Emerald. A blackened green shimmer with a slight duochrome effect. This is what it looks like most of the time:

In this picture you can see the slight duochromeness on my pointer finger.. really pretty. more than I expected when just looking at the bottle.

Closer shot to show the green shimmers in it!

ok do you guys see this??????? This is the same polish still.. it has brownish red shimmer in it too that gives the duochrome effect. Really really awesome polish. And yes, I polish my nails in all sorts of directions LOL. This was slightly thicker than Blue Sapphire, but not hard to apply and definitely needs two coats to become opaque.

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Inbal said...

good luck!
both colors looks amazing on you! :-)

Evil Angel said...

I love the blue! Good luck on your exam!

mKat said...

Good luck on your exam! :)

I love both colours... but that green duo is to die for!

xfoxglove said...

Late reply, but I hope you rocked that test! Your nails look awesome.

I always get deja vu when I see pics on the NB and then they pop up here. :)

Lucy said...

Good luck on your exam. Stay calm. Those blue nails are looking gorgeous. I love that shade of blue. The Black Emerald is also gorgeous. You have amazing nails.

clockwork said...

Good luck with your exam, I love both of these shades, they look really brilliant.

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