Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Reader Request: some Pa swatches

I recently discovered a place to get Pa polishes, a Japanese brand, for about $4.40 each: Orange Lighthouse. Be forewarned that neither customer service or spelling seems to be this etailer's forte (the box my polishes came on had a return address "Oraneg Lighthouse" which I thought was a dental hygiene company at first). You can try getting the 20% off discount coupon from them by signing up for the mailing list but this is by no means assured and I had to email a couple of times... only to be given a code that didn't work. As much as I would like to pick up a few more, my patience is out with this company. No more Pa polishes for flinty, I guess. Just as well because $4.40 is overpriced for a bottle that looks less than 0.3fl oz.

Pa A81
As with all my red polishes, this looks much better in person. It's a bright candy apple red jelly with a lot of silver glitter. Unlike a lot of polishes that are jelly with silver glitter, the silver glitter doesn't seem to glint through as much. A bit of a disappointment.

Pa A32
Dark green jelly. Super squishy and gorgeous.

Pa A32 with Pa 127 on top

Pa 127 is small round gold glitter with medium-sized blue hexagonal glitter. No way would it ever be opaque by itself (the above is two coats) but it's interesting as a topcoat. Mostly because people generally don't throw in blue and gold glitter together.

Video of Pa A32 with Pa 127 on top

Amoresse Tootie Fruitie with Pa 122 on top
All the Pa glitters were very sparkly which make up, in my mind, for the fact that they can't be built up that well. See my (short) thumbnail? That's three coats. I would have loved for this to be built up: lime green jelly with green and gold glitter would've been awesome.

Video of Amoresse Tootie Fruitie with Pa 122 on top

Diamond Cosmetics Mudd with Pa AA12 on top

Pa originally caught my attention with polishes like this: different shapes suspended in glittered jelly. Totally cute and totally something I wouldn't wear to class. The flowers were so-so but the butterflies were awesome: they reflect light really well and so it looked like they're glowing on my nail!

Video of Diamond Cosmetics Mudd with Pa AA12 on top
I have some Diamond Cosmetics swatches coming up also but I gotta say right now, Mudd's a pretty nice dark chocolate color.

And finally, my favorite combination...

Amoresse Cool in the Pool with Pa A121 on top

Blue tinted jelly with small round bright blue glitter and opalescent medium-sized hexagons. I love how the hexagons disappear and reappear in different lights. What a difference direct sun and in-the-shade-on-a-sunny-day makes for photos of glitter, eh? No good video for this one but there is a close-up...

Close-up of Amoresse Cool in the Pool with Pa A121 on top

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Evil Angel said...

Those are great, love the glitters. Are the butterflies/flowers easy to apply or do you have to fish them out?

Lucy said...

How pretty are those glitters! Love the green polish. Shame the etailer was such a pain. I was going to go looking but decided not to.

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