Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some Duri swatches!

Duri's a brand that I've had passing familiarity with for awhile though I think I've only really seen them in stores in NYC. They're reasonably priced ($5 and shipping is free for purchases over $10 at the Duri website), have a fairly wide selection of colors, and the polishes apply well. The colors aren't spell-binding as a whole but there are definitely some gems.

Extra bonus is that they are quick shippers: I've ordered twice from them and one took five days and the other took two days. Two days. From East to West Coast. That, folks, is customer service. Mm-hmm.

Duri Flirt
Pearl grey (and slightly pearly) with light purple shimmer. I like it as a white alternative. It's still pretty stark but the sheen softens it. It's not quite white, not quite grey, not quite purple. It's not a color I have a lot of so it's definitely a keeper. :)

Duri Hawaiian Honeymoon
Bubblegum pink creme. Pretty straightforward.

Duri Show Time
24K gold shade. Two coats here, though it needed three. I can't make my mind up on this one. In the photo (and really up-close) it looks nice but from afar, it kinda just blends in to my (again, yellow tanned) skin. It's pretty ordinary, especially compared to my last Duri swatch...

Duri Georgio Classic
Okay, some people might not like brushstrokes but I think it suits this color and finish very well. I'm totally in love with this molten rose gold. The color is considerably richer than the Inglot 179 (and is half the price).

All in all, the packaging and brush are pretty de rigeur for non-wide brushes. The only thing that bothered me slightly about this brand was the scent of the polish. It seems to be stronger smelling than my other polishes and even though I'm very used to the scent of polish, I started getting annoyed after two swatches. Unless you can find it at a steal somewhere online, I'm not sure they're worth $5 each... but hey, at least the shipping's free if you get two or more polishes. :)

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Anonymous said...

I really liked the colors! Is it big-3 free?

kittyluvscolor said...

Very cool I don't have any of this brand thanks for sharing!

flinty said...

Anon: Nope, it has toulene and formaldehyde resin. :(

kitty: Welcome! That's what I aim for in a lot of my posts: newer or lesser known (but not expensive because I can't afford them) brands. :D

Lucy said...

I don't have any of this brand. I do like the last two. I'm not too thrilled with the Pearl Grey or the bubble gum pink shade. They are all shades I've seen before.

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