Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Walgreens discount/promo code for 99¢ shipping for beauty products

The Walgreens website's beauty section is pretty meager BUT for enthusiastic frankeners, this cheap shipping is a great way to stock up on Wet n Wild Mega Shine polishes (clear, black, white).

Dunno about you all but the clear one is always sold out of my Walgreens and I find it indispensable for frankening. I've tried other clear polishes but this one is the smoothest and cheapest, even though they do come in slightly smaller bottles. (Don't let the tall shape fool you as it fooled me for awhile there; I apparently never totally got the whole Piagetan "conservation of liquid" principle and I felt ridiculously dumb when I realized I had been duped.)

Anyway, 99¢ shipping for all beauty products with code SHIP99 (expires: October 1st, 2009).

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Carrie said...

The code worked when I had the stuff in my cart, but at checkout, it didn't. I think they changed it when they got a deluge of polish shoppers.

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