Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Because... why not? A petition to Clarins to re-release the mythical Clarins 230

Apparently, some enterprising NB'er started an online petition for Clarins to re-release #230. If you want to support this petition, please leave your electronic signature here. (Btw, the website might ask you for a donation but a donation is absolutely not required for you to sign.)

I personally feel pretty silly about signing a petition for a nail polish but it took five seconds and I figured there was no harm in doing so (besides my feeling sheepish for signing such an impassioned plea for a cosmetic item).

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nathalie said...

It is currently sold on *a very famous auction website*. The sale ends in about 4 days and it has already reached $125. Ah ah ah!

Lucy said...

Who the hell would pay that much for nail polish? I just couldn't imagine why you would. Has anyone ever paid a lot for a polish on ebay?

nathalie said...

Isn't that crazy? I can't wait to see the final price! :P

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