Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eyeko Part II

As promised, the rest of my Eyeko polishes:

Eyeko Pretty Polish for Neat Nails
Straightforward light pink creme. Easier to apply than the pastel one, which surprised me since pastel shimmers are generally easier than pastel cremes. (Didn't stop me from getting it all over my fingers though, sheesh.) Nothing special and I wasn't wild about how this looked against my skin. Three coats.

Eyeko Punk Polish for Neon Nails
Hot pink creme. Two coats and very easy to apply. Dunno why but I think it should be Neon Polish for Punk Nails. Wouldn't that be better a better parallel to the other names?

Eyeko Vamp Polish for Nasty Nails
(I hate the word "nasty" -- it's so nasal and lingers too long on the first vowel.) This was the polish that was nearly empty by the time it got to me and so I was pretty much scraping polish off the sides of the bottle with my brush to get enough to do one swatch of it. It's actually a very dark blue but it looks black in most lights. Would've been fine with two coats but I had to do three because my coats were uneven due to the paucity of polish on the brush. Incredibly frustrating.

Like I said in the last post, Eyeko polishes exceeded my expectations. I found the small brush and cap shape relatively easy to use (it's more comfortable than the Hot Topic polishes whose handles are just a bit too long) but I can imagine other people not liking them at all. It's harder to get a good grip on them because there's not a lot to hold onto to. Worth it for the cuteness factor though, imo. :)

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Polish'd Cindy said...

The cuteness factor won me over too. I haven't tried mine yet. I actually bought them for my daughter for x-mas, but I am a little worried she might spill it everywhere-she's 10.

gildedangel said...

The bottles are really cute, I need to look into the brand!

Lucy said...

I've been wanting to try this brand. The bottle won me over also. For soome reason that pink just doesn't look punk to me. They are pretty colors.

mKat said...

10 points to you for the use of the word paucity. (Only because the first time I'd ever seen it was in a reading this week.) :P

LOVE the hot pink! Creme anything is usually pretty great.

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