Monday, October 5, 2009

NOTD Illamasqua Phallic + ChG Glacier

Good evening! Tonight I decided to give myself a "night off" from reading and I'm seriously enjoying it. Sometimes you just need a break, you know?

Anyway, here is my NOTD! 2 coats of Illamasqua Phallic (a gorgeous blue but I felt it was missing something, as its shimmer is not totally apparent unless in bright light) topped with 1 coat of ChG Glacier. I used 2 coats of topcoat and I think it needs another - plus I just totally chipped my thumb. Grrrr.

With flash:

And my AMAZING haul of the day!

L-R: Borghese minis, Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud, and 2 pumpkin polishes!

You can purchase Illamasqua Phallic from Sephora (online only) or

Thanks for reading!!!

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Lucy said...

I did want this polish but I'm not so sure now. It is pretty on you.

swedishfishing said...

I'm regretting passing on Glacier now, oops. I might have to make another order at some point, but I so dread the removal that I may put it off for awhile.

I've been looking everywhere for those Borghese minis! Did you find them at a Rite Aid? (I hear that's where they're showing up, at least.)

augusta said...

ive been wondering why i dont see the illamasque polishes whenever i go to sephora. every time i ask for them, they look at me like i'm crazy, lol.

Anonymous said...

Ah! I love the little pumpkin nails! I bought the black holo last week. I love it, but I wish it had more holo to it. It's amazing in the bottle, not so much on me. Grr.

contests and such said...

I like what you've done with Phallic. I was so excited when this color was available but then when I put it on you could barely see the sparkles! So again what you did was awesome!

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