Friday, October 2, 2009

Old NOTD, Rescue Beauty Lounge Purple Haze

Do you know how much I hate that I'm starting to love RBL polishes? I can't afford to not-dislike this line! But noo... the cremes have to apply so nicely and the colors be so pretty.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Purple Haze

It's a bit less saturated and a teeeny bit bluer IRL. Really smooth application, which was heaven after an afternoon of swatching polishes that were goopy or too sheer. I keep telling myself that though this one wore gorgeously (with Diamont topcoat) without even the terrible tipwear I'm used to, one of my three RBLs (Locavore) chipped off in less than six hours... and my bottle of Grunge is nowhere near grunge-y. I keep telling myself: it's a FLUKE. One out of three are not good odds for a brand. That's a 33.33% success rate in finding a polish that doesn't disappoint me... and for this pricetag -- well, not this one specifically because I got it in a swap -- it's gotta be great. So NO MORE RBLs unless I get them on some crazy sale or am able to swap for them.

Shush, I know three is a really small N.

In other news, the continuing saga of my tuition: after I got my tuition adjusted as an in-state student, it's been telling me I owe them $4000+ still (as an in-state student). Because I'm a TA, I'm supposed to get financial aid that pays for my education and health benefits which brings the total I owe to ~$350. But even though I've already started TAing this quarter, my online account still tells me I owe them $4000+! Which is an amount I can't afford to pay because I don't have $4000 lying around. Anyway, today was the last day to pay my tuition without being assessed late fees. Which I had anticipated... which is why I was after people a week ago to correct my tuition bill (after three weeks worth of chasing people down to change my residency). But it didn't happen.

So today, after an hour of my department's administrative assistant calling everyone she could think of -- NEVER EVER disrespect your department's admin assistants, they can make your life much easier or much harder -- we finally figured out WHY my financial aid has not been paid out. Get this:

1. My financial aid has not yet been applied to my account, which is why it says I still owe $4000+.
2. The reason my financial aid was has not yet been applied to my account is because I am not a registered student.
3. The reason I'm not a registered student is because I'm not allowed to register unless my tuition has been paid.
4. I can't afford to pay my tuition until my financial aid has been applied to my account.

I apologize to any kidlings or proper people who are reading this but WHAT. THE. FUCK. Now I have to traipse over to the Registrar's Office (the ones who delayed this whole process to begin with because of my residency thing) and get some special permission to register despite my not paying. And because I am now paying late, I will have to pay late fees. Thanks. A lot.

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daydream222 said...

School offices are the worst, aren't they? I applied for a loan over a MONTH ago and it's still in freakin processing!! HELLO I NEED MONEY I AM A POOR STUDENT WHO NEEDS NAIL POLISH! :P

So was this $4000 assessed from last year or this year? If it was leftover from last year, what you're experiencing is typically what happens in a stupid catch22 situation (I worked in college financial aid). However, if it just happened this year (and your bill is for the 2009/10 academic year), that MAKES NO SENSE!!!

Just keep on those offices!! Hopefully it gets straightened out soon!!

Lucy said...

Purple Haze is a gorgeous shade of purple. Wish I had it. Love the song and that I own. Jimi Hendrix was an amazing musician. Sorry your having so many problems. Someone isn't doing their job and your reaping the horrible benefits.

mKat said...

Oh yes... the finance department... you would think that they've gotten it under control after all these years of dealing with student accounts, scholarships, student loans etc....

But no... without fail they screw things up royally...EVERY TIME.

Give yourself a good manicure ... then use it to punch things. :P j/k

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