Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some Misa Fall 2009 swatches: Can't Nobody Take Me Down and Sorry, Just Can't Help It

Umm, hi. These are practically opaque in one coat. It's incredible. There's still some VNL with one coat but these polishes are remarkably pigmented! For the first time in... well, since I learned that nail polish rarely looks good with one coat, I was tempted to just do a one-coat NOTD with one of these, just for the novelty of it. (I chickened out. I'm so not cool with new things sometimes.)

Misa Can't Nobody Take Me Down
I don't know why polishes that look browner on most people look redder on me. It's like how sweet floral scents turn into green scents with my skin. Anyway, this just looks dark red (with brown tones) to me. I find it sort of a conservative color: nice, acceptable, even pretty but not "OMG, GIMME". Still, I would rather not part with it because... dude, pretty much done with one coat. Too nifty to give up.

Misa Sorry, Just Can't Help It
Ah ha, much better! Love this dark amethyst/purple creme. Not as pigmented as the one above but still probably could've gotten away with one coat (if I was in a rush and... drunk or something).

As usual, Misa polishes are wonderfully easy polishes to work with. They ought to get more love than they do: reasonably priced but the quality is almost always high and they have a nice range of colors and finishes.

I'm starting to realize that I have no concept of what is an "acceptable" color is, by the way. This purple seems very work/school appropriate to me. In fact, most non-neon cremes fall into that category in my colorful little mind. Am I totally off?

In the meanwhile, I am soooooo not looking forward to my talk in a lab meeting tomorrow. I had hoped to have beautiful new results but I came up with an even bigger null dud than I started out with. This week, I spent about ten hours hunched over Excel, reformatting, messing up and un-reformatting and re-re-formatting my raw data so that SPSS could spend half a second running an ANOVA that spat out the saddest p-value on earth: 0.985. The max p-value is 1.0 and in psychology, people don't take notice of any results above 0.05. (There's obviously more to behavioral stats than just the p-value but let's not lie and say that that isn't the first thing people look at!) I mean, I couldn't even get a face-saving p-value of 0.10 (or even 0.40) which could indicate to blithe optimists that maybe, just maybe, I had tapped into some sort of "trend". 0.985 is just... embarrassingly non-significant. I'm beginning to wonder if I made some error in my data reformatting, which is throwing my numbers all out of whack. But probably not: there was a flaw in the experimental design somewhere. :(

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gildedangel said...

I love that purple creme, it looks so rich!

Lucy said...

Both of those shades are gorgeous. I think Misa has wonderful polishes. Hope you get the results you want.

Kirsten said...

I agree with you about 'acceptable' polish.
Then again I don't work in, and won't work in an environment that will hire and 'tolerate' women but only if they make an efford to look as little like women as possible.
(i.e. no or little make-up, no high heels, no nailpolish or only sheers en nudes, no bright clothes etc.)

I am here, I have boobs, I wear polish and make-up and I am damn good at my job. If someone has a problem with purple nail polish they seriously need to check their priorities.

Grace of Spades said...

I have no idea either.... I mean, I know what's NOT appropriate (holos, glitters, neons, etc), but I'm also giving a presentation tomorrow for my lab group and I have on bright pinkish purple nail polish... which may not be the MOST professional color, but it's probably better than my plan of changing to GITD last night.

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