Friday, November 13, 2009

Barielle Misbehaving Mistress

Barielle Misbehaving Mistress

I think this is a really interesting color but it doesn't really appeal to me: charcoal brown with either silver or bronze shimmer (hard to tell). Surprisingly bright for a dark color... but also surprisingly sheer for a dark color. Three coats and I could still pick out thin spots where I could see my nail. I don't think I have anything dupish to it but I'm not sure I'll ever wear it again.

On the topic of misbehaving, I'm pretty sure that I have a handful of plagiarized papers in my latest batch of grading. Not just any plagiarism, not cheapie cut-and-paste, but purchased essays. I can't see how anyone would generate a genuine essay that's only this vaguely on topic (and refers to information that they did not learn in class nor cite their sources for). This sort of thing is almost impossible to prove as plagiarism, unless I want to shell out the money to see if papers match. And I do not. Reading some of these, I hope they didn't pay for them because they are damn wastes of money for bad, bad essays that wouldn't have netted them above a C+ anyway. Seriously, if you're gonna shell out $90 on some paper, make sure it's quality!

(One of my high school friends was an English major in college and post-graduation, she was looking for a writing-related job. She answered an ad for a "writer" at some company. Her interview was to write a paper on a random topic. We're pretty convinced that it was a paper mill company. And no, she didn't take the job.)

Here's the thing: if you don't have the time or inclination to do the work for a college degree, why are you wasting your money on a college degree at this moment? Many people want to go to college but can't (and these slacker students are taking up seats that could go to those people who want to be students). If you want a better class of job that a college degree will get you, don't you realize that those better jobs will require you to have learned something about writing and critical thinking in college? Aren't students just sort of screwing themselves over? And wasting money at the same time?

Life gets in the way of school. School is not all-important. I get it, I've lived it. But if these are the case, why not put school on hold until you can devote time to it? It's so expensive. As is buying papers.

Anyway. 75 papers down, 25 to go. This is ALL I've been doing since Tuesday afternoon. I'm onto my tenth page of typed up comments for students.

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The Glitterati said...

I'd fail 'em on the basis of off-topic-ness. If they have a problem with it, they can come in and show me their research notes, and justify how the concepts in the paper relate to those taught in class. But then I am a ruthless biotch... ;)

I found a purchased plagiarized paper once by *Googling* for it. She paid money for a paper that she could have found on line for free. And it was not even remotely on-topic.

Colette said...

Hmm, this color kind of reminds me of Misa's Earthward ... & I think I have it so I'm going to have to compare when I get home =)

flinty said...

Colette: I've never seen Misa Earthward. Knowing Misa, if it's anything like this polish, it won't be half as sheer... let us know!

Glitterati: I did worse than just failing them on off-topic-ness: I gave it to the professor (my advisor) to judge what type of failing grade they should get. My advisor has a fairly rosy view of students' writing (she's not the one grading the papers) so she's pretty horrified when she sees actual examples of egregiously bad papers. I had the hardest time convincing her that the papers were probably bought: she was like, "But... but they're SO BAD!". Yes, yes they are.

gildedangel said...

I love the nail color!
If you are going to cheat on a paper, at least read it to make sure that it is a good paper! I can't believe that some people shell out so much money for cheating, it would be much cheaper just to write it. I used to grade papers in high school and you could even see papers that were word-for-word identical to each other!

Colette said...

So, I got home & pulled both out - they are pretty close,but definitely not dupes. I put up a comparison shot with a link to the pics of my full Earthward mani if you want to check them out together =)

augusta said...

i can only imagine the look on my ta's face when they had to read/grade my last minute papers in my freshman english class,lol.
wouldn't it be funny for a person to pay for a term paper only to get a c or a failing grade on it?
if one cant even try to put some effort into school (last minute papers included), why bother?

Lucy said...

I have this and haven't worn it yet. I'm not happy that it's this sheer. I really like the shade.

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