Thursday, November 12, 2009

midnight randomness: a comic and a swatch (Amoresse Tootie Fruitie)

I can't grade anymore. My brain is mush and my patience is exhausted. Usually, the following strategy helps:
I've been singing along to every Tegan and Sara song for the last three hours. It worked to keep me sharp for a little while. Now I'm too tired to even try to be in tune, let alone dance around. I've pretty much gone through all my standbys for getting through a long bout of grading: dancing, a shower with pepperminty and other wake-up scents, rewarding myself by checking nail blogs and MUA, eating a snack, drinking caffeinated beverages. And yet, I'm totally about to fall over. (And give everyone A's. Or F's. It's hard to tell at this point.)

And to keep this all nail-y:

Amoresse Tootie Fruitie

Right now, I want to take my big red correcting pen and write "Tooty Fruity"... because that makes any more sense (it's a more accepted spelling of it, anyway). I did this swatch awhile back (evidently during a period of frazzle) but hadn't gotten to post it yet. It's kind of unevenly sheer in places but I LOVE the deep blue-toned green jelliness of it. Three coats, could have used four but it's one of those polishes that starts gooping off the nail with too many coats. I don't know why Amoresse doesn't get more notice: a couple of polishes are misses (unless you like thinning polishes, steer clear of the neon yellow one) but by and large, they're interesting and beautiful (and $4 each).

I keep on waiting for... a fifth wind to revive me but I think it's time to call it a night.

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gildedangel said...

That green is to die for! You look great in it!

Evil Angel said...

I love green jellies! I say give everyone a C+ that way it all averages out. lol

Irides said...

Hahaha, I love PhD comics. Story of my life.

Also love that green on you!

Berry T said...

and I did a mani esp for that song!!
*having the time of my life!*

ReaderRita said...

Where do you get Amoresse polishes? I've never seen them before. Love that green, though...

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