Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NOTD: Nubar Swiss Chocolate

Nubar Swiss Chocolate

The picture came out a little more red than it is IRL: it looks like a plain, red-toned brown in the bottle but it's actually this really subtle rich brown with a dusty purple cast. Not really brown-brown. I think it's really stunning: I love polishes whose colors are not that easily pinned down. This picture was after one day of wear (with Nu Nails and Diamont)... but the reason the tipwear looks so advanced is because I didn't wait that long between doing my nails and then washing my hair. Nothing like a shower within six hours of a mani to ruin the mani. For me, at least.

I also bought Chocolate Caramel at the same time as I did this one. It not only looked terrible with my skin (brown-green-gold, clashy clashy!) but the application was giving me a hard time. (No pic because it was a mess and I didn't want to be reminded of it.) I think I was applying it too thickly but it definitely needed three coats to become as opaque and even as I wanted it to be. It looks great in other peoples' pics though... just not on me.

I like several Nubar polishes a LOT but many of them I try, I eventually swap or sell away. They've got beautiful duochromes but I look terrible in most duochromes. Their pastel cremes are too chalky for me. Many of the other cremes and shimmers are simply not that special to me. On the other hand, some of my favorite polishes are Nubar (Reclaim and Sugar come to mind at once)... and of course, I'm devoted to Diamont (and one of the few people whose nails have not yet been trashed by Nu Nails). On the whole though, I don't feel the Nubar love as much as some others. This could also be because I get slapped with insane sales tax from their website and their free shipping doesn't kick in until you reach $75. Every time I order, it feels like the shopping gods are playing some mean joke on me.\

Although I woke up feeling sick yesterday morning (you know, I did try to stay healthy), I am getting excited about the conference. For the actual conference, not just Boston, not just my friends, or the shopping. I flipped through the 173 page program and marked up the conference schedule for what talks I want to attend. Most of the talks I'm interested in aren't categorized as psycholinguistics proper (which covers language processing from phonemes [the smallest contrastive unit of sound] on to syntax [grammar]). I'm interested in a lot of my particular subfield: discourse processing (the processing of conversation -- language between people -- and all the extralinguistic cues such as gesture, prosody, plus conversation-related processes such as attention, memory and social cognition).

I also marked a lot of talks about explicit memory (what we can consciously recall), working memory (the memory that helps us keep things straight when doing anything and everything), collaborative cognition (cognitive processing when there's more than one person), metacognition (what we... understand about our own cognitive processes as they are happening? is that a good definition?) and learning. I really want to go to visual cognition talks, since I used to do visual cognition research, but there's just no time... or I will probably be low on energy/brain space/motivation. I guess I should save my time for stuff that'll come in handy for my own research.

I'm hoping inspiration will strike at the conference. A new place to take my research. Or a new research topic that really absorbs my attention. I've had so little time to read research papers this quarter that I think I'm going to try to make up for it in a day and a half. (Flinty's brain will go 'splodey before the halfway mark, I assure you.)

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Danica said...

I agree, I love colors that are indescribable. The brown Numbar collection has really caught my eye, but we'll have to see if I get any.

D:) said...

Nubar has never called my name. I can't even be bothered to swap for it.

paintedladyfingers said...

I haven't tried my Swiss Chocolate yet, but you make me want to!

I am baffled that your Chocolate Caramel wasn't opaque. I tend to apply my coats thinly. I'm not sure if that's the trick or if your bottle was problematic.

I hope you are feeling better.

gildedangel said...

What a beautiful color!

Lucy said...

What interesting topics at the conference. I hope you enjoy yourself there. Love this shade. Looks yummy and pretty at the same time. I also want to get the Chocolate Cherry.

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