Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Old NOTD: Dior Silver Purple

Got this for 20% during the Sephora Friends and Family sale. This is probably the most expensive polish I own and there's heck no way I would've bought it without there having been a sale... and 4% cashback through ebates and a gift card and free shipping. I'm not a huge fan of expensive polishes but the curiosity got the better of me on this one. And now I don't know what to do with it.

Dior Silver Purple

This looks fantastic with my skintone: a blue-toned dark purple with a silvery shimmer. It looked almost like a shimmery black on me in darker lights. A darkened purple-blue shimmer that had almost no red tones in it in other lights. It's actually an elegant and unusual color and I can't think up a good dupe for it (the closest one I can think up is OPI Light My Sapphire, which I found just dark and dull).

It was a bit thicker than I had expected but it applied easily. The first two coats were kinda uneven but the third one evened it out perfectly... and then it was already well on its way to dry before I could get Diamont on it. With Diamont, it was completely dry and almost undentable within the half hour. And I don't say this about a lot of polishes but it WORE LIKE IRON. This was my NOTD for about three days -- the above photos are at the end of the second day -- and I got bored of it before it started to get chippy.

So... I can't decide whether I want to keep it or to return it to Sephora. It's beautiful but it's not $16 (and definitely not $20) beautiful. But... it dries really quickly and lasts a long time on me... and is that worth that amount in store credit? I really dunno.

Closeup of Silver Purple
The shimmer reflects many different colors which is probably what makes the color hard to pin down.

In other news, the sky has fallen down on my poor, pounding noggin in the form of 100 papers to grade in the next six days. All because I wanted to spend 10 days on the East Coast. Or rather, wanted to go to a conference in Boston the weekend before Thankgiving and decided it wasn't worth flying back out West for only Monday and Tuesday only to leave on Wednesday for the East Coast again. If I can finish grading these before Friday, I'll be the happiest graduate student in this galaxy. I've got a system worked out... now to just execute it...

Anyway, Silver Purple will probably be my travel mani next week because it wore so well the first time I used it (which means I'm going to keep it?). Hopefully, it'll stay put from Wednesday to the weekend when I'm planning to go to my absolute Holy Grail of a nail salon in Boston. To say that those manis wear like iron is an understatement: the last time I got a mani there, it lasted ten days with minor tipwear and no chipping. (Looked weird because it grew out, obviously.) That salon is like magic with ultra super cute decor. I plan on taking lots of photos to show you all and to make myself jealous that I don't live near there anymore.

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gildedangel said...

That color looks great on you!

Duffi McDermott said...

Well...Looks great on you, wears like iron. Would it cheer you up on a bad day? If so, I'd say it's a keeper.
Good vibes ofr those 100 papers!

Evil Angel said...

Now that is my kind of silver! lol
So I'm actually going to have to get this aren't I?!

daydream222 said...

It looks great on you but I've learned with other expensive high end polishes that if I'm not absolutely in love with it, it's not really worth keeping. I also bought Silver Purple but I returned it before even wearing it - didn't wow me enough for the $20 price tag.

Do you think you'd ever wear it again?

Good luck with your papers! I'm drowning in (my own) papers too!!

The Glitterati said...

Ahh, you're going to P'onomics! I'm so excited! :)

I think the Dior looks lovely on you, but if you're bored with it, you're bored with it. Would layering save it enough to be worth keeping

flinty said...

Gildedangel: Thanks!

Duffi: Would it cheer me up on a bad day? Hard to say. My days have been pretty icky lately...

Evil Angel: It's really a pretty unusual color... so if you want unusual...

daydream: I'll probably wear it to Boston? It wore well so... I'm hoping it won't chip for a couple of days.

Glitterati: I PM'ed you over MUA.

Lucy said...

This is lovely on you. I'd keep this. Just try using it over different polishes. Konad over it also. Hope you get all your paper graded.

Eileen said...

Just found the blog!

Heck, if I didn't know you'd probably already gotten rid of it, *I'd* take it. It's just the color purple I've been looking for. I like my purps on the blue side, and I love the silver in it...


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