Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tag, we're it!

Thanks to the lovely missnono at blacknailpolishandlipgloss for tagging the seven of us on her blog: 7 things about me! (Hopefully, I'll remember to include things that I haven't already written for a similar post a couple of months back...)

7. If I had my way, I'd go to sleep at 4am and wake up at noon every day. I did this one summer and had never been so rested and productive in my life. As it is now, I'm an insomniac who averages 4-5 hours a night when not busy (3 when I am).

6. I compulsively buy bath and body products, perfume samples and scented wax tarts/melts online... but I rarely buy them in B&M stores. My preferred brands are etailers such as Bissy's Boutique, Cleanse Your Soul, Nene's Kitchen, Gudonya Too and Bathed and Infused. I'm also a huuuuge sucker for LUSH. Dying to order from Luna Bleu again but not caving till there's a free shipping sale or something. I'm currently obsessed with peppermint and tobacco notes.

5. Though I read very little fiction, I have about a dozen books I've read over 40 times. They are almost always written by women. They are almost always historical epics/sagas about ordinary but resourceful and determined young women who are thrust into extraordinary situations (which are described in vivid detail). They are usually not tragic figures though the latest book to fall into this canon of mine is (Marie Antoinette: the Journey by Antonia Fraser). These women are usually also fictional and highly curious and intelligent -- none of these things describe Marie Antoinette. So I'm not sure why I find the book so compelling. The only real character in my canon before this was the Diary of Anne Frank.

4. I love and think about my friends (especially those from my time in Boston) so much even though I'm horrible about keeping in touch. There's not one day that I don't remember them and some moment or conversation we've shared. They are incredibly dear to me but I'm sure I give them no good indication of this fact. When I first made friends with some of these people, I used to think I didn't need anybody... and then one day a couple of years back, I realized I was REALLY stupid and arrogant. Luckily, my friends already knew I was these things and decided to care about me anyhow. :) I can't fathom what I've done to deserve such loyalty but I am more grateful for it.

3. I've been online since near the beginning of the commercial Internet. I sent my first email in 1992, when I was in fourth grade. Dude, I used to be cutting edge! And now I can't operate Tivo... which is already old technology. I used to rock with programming VCRs. Oh well.

2. I'm very into crafts (knitting, jewelry-making, paper crafts and book arts, even creating my own makeup and tarts) but I pick up things up with abnormal enthusiasm and lose interest quickly. Usually, it comes back in starts and fits but I don't sustain many hobbies over a long period of time.

1. I think Lizzy Bennet decided to marry Mr Darcy for his money. She loved him but practical Lizzy took his fortune into account.

I'm currently on my iPhone in bed so it's a pain to link to other blogs. I'll update this entry the next time I have a moment in front of my computer. :)

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Lucy said...

Flinty your a interesting lady. I've been up all night and have to force myself to go to sleep. I hate when I get like that.

The Glitterati said...

A 4am to noon sleep schedule would be so sweet. I get some of my best work done during the wee hours (aka: when everyone else has gone to bed and I have no one to talk to / procrastinate with). Now that I'm on Eastern time though, I have to wait until all the west-coast folks go to bed...

Jessi McKinney said...

I just started reading your blog and I love it! 7,4, and 2 fit me exactly. I have so many barely used boxes of crafts in my closet I don't even have to go to the craft store anymore... I just rummage in my closet when a new obsession strikes.

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