Monday, December 7, 2009

Diamond Cosmetics Holiday 2009 swatches!

Thanks to Marissa at Diamond Cosmetics, I received a free set of their new holiday collection to review. And it's got holo glitter. :D

Despite the fact that they're charging a princely sum of $2.50 more per polish for these (as opposed to the normal $2), this brand is still one of my favorite cheap thrills. ;) Even the shipping is reasonable ($6 for up to 10 polishes). I'm really glad they are releasing new collections as often as they are: it's always fun to see what they're going to come out with next.

Diamond Cosmetics Rubies & Diamonds

Bright primary red jelly with gold shimmer. Really easy application. It's very festive, don't you think? And glossy. One of those polishes that's so glossy that it reflects blue from the sky. It took forever for me to get any good photos that actually showed gold shimmer; they all looked blue!

Close-up of Rubies & Diamonds

Video of Rubies & Diamonds

Diamond Cosmetics Diamond's Diamonds over OCC Dangerous

Sheer white frost. I used the word "Diamond" too much up there. This is very sheer on its own, even up to four coats. The above has at least three coats over the OCC grey creme, Dangerous, that I posted earlier last week. It reminds me a lot of Dashing Diva's Silver Lining except chunkier and more frosty.

Close-up of Diamond's Diamonds

Video of Diamond's Diamonds over OCC Dangerous

Diamond Cosmetics Blue Diamond

Frosty blue shimmer, packed with holo glitter. This is an incredibly fun shade. Very attention-grabbing. Opaque in two coats. My favorite in this collection.

Close-up of Blue Diamond

Video of Blue Diamond

Diamond Cosmetics Amethyst & Diamonds

Very similar to Blue Diamonds but a red-leaning purple instead of blue. Similarly frosty but less packed with holo glitter it seems. Either that or the shimmer eats the glitter up.

Diamond Cosmetics Amethyst & Diamonds

Video of Amethyst & Diamonds

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gildedangel said...

Great swatches, they look so pretty!

Jessica said...

I can't wait to get this collection! They all look great on you!

Lucy said...

Damn, now I want this collection. Minus the Diamond's & Diamond's. They look so pretty on you. I don't know which I like best.

Sandi said...

I think you meant $2.50 each, not $2.50 more, at least that's what they're priced at now. Love your swatches even though...theeeey're gonna cost me!

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