Thursday, December 24, 2009

LA Girl Matte "Navy" and L'Oreal Paint the Town

Can someone answer me why Forever 21 likes to sell unnamed LA Girl polishes but rename them something that may or may not resemble the name that LA Girl gave to the polish? This is LA Girl Matte "Navy" (according to Forever 21) and I'm not sure what it is called everywhere else. Any insight, anyone?

LA Girl Matte "Navy"

Two coats, satin-type matte finish. Looks very plasticky on nails (not an unpleasant thing). Dark sapphire blue. Goes on kind of thickly but evens out by itself.

LA Girl Matte "Navy" with L'Oreal Paint the Town on top

Okay, now it's a party! L'Oreal Paint the Town is a sheer red-green-gold duochrome flakey. Would look a horror on its own (on my stained nails at least) but it totally sweetens the navy into this almost blurple color and its glossiness makes the entire thing look slightly jelly. Two coats of Paint the Town. You can see it going kind of green-gold at the sides of my nails. There are definitely better flakies than this but I've never been one to turn down any flakey. (Except the bad NYX ones but I hear they've improved the formula on those...)

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gildedangel said...

Ooo, I love that color with those flakies!

Get Nailed said...

Paint the Town looks like it was meant to go over that! Very cute!

Lucy said...

Like them both! Great layering polish.

Whitney G said...

I believe the L.A. Girls Matte color name is Blue Twilight.

Beautiful layering mani, by the way.

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