Saturday, December 12, 2009

OMG, my Secret Santa rocked my socks!

My recent Secret Santa (antoniab from NB, who also has her own blog) really got me good. I mean, she got me GOOD. I didn't think about what I wanted from my Secret Santa and even if I had thought about what my ideal gift would be, I would not have imagined what she got me. What she got was PERFECT. (So perfect that I feel totally guilty that I didn't do as well for my Secret Santa.) Her box to me was even gift-wrapped and everything! It was such a wonderful thing to receive.

What did antoniab get me? She got me polish... but also FRANKENING SUPPLIES!

(Sorry about the pictures: I've been messing around with my ailing camera and a homemade lightbox -- a work in progress -- and these photos came out not-so-hot.)

When I first opened the box, I saw two China Glaze six-pack boxes. They were filled with twelve empty bottles! My SO actually commented that it was the perfect present for me since at this point, I probably appreciate empty bottles more than I do filled bottles. :) (Haha. But it's true: I have a lot of polish but am always in need of empty bottles.)

Then I saw some mylar flakies which I could use in nail art or chop down to see if I could make a flakie polish! (Click on the pic to see the pretty duochromey goodness.) I wonder if there's an efficient way of chopping these down...

Then I unwrapped some rectangular things that were wrapped in colorful tissue paper: GLITTER! And CHECK OUT that GORGEOUS quadrochrome (??) glitter in the middle of the first pic. Isn't that just to die for? Isn't that gonna look fabulous in just about any franken??

And finally, I unwrapped the final big package at the bottom of the box to find this:

The entire Color Club Glitter Vixen set!! The funny thing is that my SO just got this for me a couple of weeks ago (and I actually already owned four or five of them) but that means that I'll be able to use this as a Polish or Perish contest prize (with antoniab's approval, of course)!

...what Polish or Perish contest, you ask? Well, the details are being hammered out still and we won't be ready to formally announce it for another week or so but here's the general idea: we would LOVE to have a banner but lacking any graphic design skills, none of us feel equal to the task of creating a banner. We are going to be asking our readers to submit banner designs and the seven of us will decide on a winner. The winner's design will grace the top of our blog... and receive some really fantastic prizes! (There may be runner-up prizes too. Again, details are still being worked out.) It's going to be a humdinger and will almost definitely include polishes from BB Couture, Diamond Cosmetics and Quirius, my Funky Chunky with Cheese franken, a basic Konad kit, an etailer gift certificate, a gift certificate for nail polish jewelry from Ginger Kitty Designs and, of course, the Color Club Glitter Vixen set! So for those who are so inclined, start thinking up banner designs! :D

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Evil Angel said...

Awww....Toni is such a doll! What a perfect gift!

gildedangel said...

That is a great present, I can't wait to see what you do with all of that!

Anonymous said...

Those are amazing, I hope she'll share where she found the glitters!!!!!

LitLaur said...

Maybe something like this?

Nixxy said...

Whoa! That glitter is insane!

Tuli said...

What a gorgeous and unique package Toni has made you - it was sure worth waiting ! Enjoy all of your new things :-)))))

Lucy said...

The perfect Christmas gift for you. Enjoy frankening some lovely polishes.

mKat said...

That is an awesome gift! lucky you!!

flinty said...

Evil Angel: She really is! I'm so happy she was my secret santa!

gildedangel: you can be sure I'll be posting the results!

Purple Lipgloss: I'll try to remember to ask her. :)

LitLaur: My SO actually offered to mince it finely in his food processor. (His, not mine, because I've never used it once.)

Nixxy: Isn't it the most beautiful glitter EVER??

Tuli: I know! I feel so special!

Lucy: Thanks!

mKat: don't I know it... ;)

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