Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Swatches from China Glaze Wizard of Ooh Ahz Returns

Sadly, I'm underwhelmed. I only purchased three from the collection (just no interest in Good Witch, Cowardly Lyin' and I already own Ruby Pumps) and am glad I stopped there. Granted, I'm also glad to have experienced the re-released versions of these mythical polishes so it's not like I'm throwing any nail polish to the ground in disgust. Far from. :) (Besides, it looks like the next collection, Up and Away, is going to be SO ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. I never want whole collections but I want that whole collection. You can be sure I'll be snapping those up the minute they become available.)

I'm also thrown off by the fact that the one I thought I'd love the most is the one I like the least and vice versa. I'll explain...

China Glaze C-C-C-Courage

This is the one I thought I'd like the most... though I should learn to stop being mislead by photos of purple. Purple is a hard color to photograph sometimes. Also, I didn't expect it to be this frosty... and bumpy-looking. It's not actually that bumpy; it just looks bumpy. The weird thing is that I REALLY liked the formula on this one: it applied so well but I disliked the way it looked. Easy to control and opaque in two coats: hard to argue with the way it felt. Now, if only I liked the way it looked...

China Glaze Dorothy Who?

I knew I would like this polish and it turned out much like how I expected: silver glitter in bright blue jelly. What's not to like? Happy, festive, glittery! VNL doesn't really quite disappear though, even after four coats. People have expressed disappointment that this wasn't a darker blue like the original but I have to say I'm pretty happy with this shade of blue as it is.

Close-up of Dorothy Who?

China Glaze Ten Men

This one was my favorite: white silver shimmer with silver glitter. It was the one I was wavering on -- I did actually think I'd dislike it -- and it's definitely one that I'm glad I got. I thought it would have that bumpy look like C-C-Courage but actually, it's very delicate and sparkling and makes me incredibly happy to look at it. This is what Glinda would wear, if she wore nail polish: something light, airy, ethereal.

Close-up of Ten Men

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Jessica said...

It seems like a lot of people aren't too impressed with this collection, I'm one of them. I was so excited it was being rereleased and all the hype people had made about it, then I seen the swatches and my bubble was popped. On a good note this look great on you! I think the blue looks the best!

gildedangel said...

I think that I am only going to pick up a coule from this collection, I am a bit underwhelmed as well considering the hype behind this collection.

Lucy said...

I bought the first two. I haven't worn them yet. I like the look of them on your nails so far. They really look pretty. I've never seen the first collection so I wouldn't be disappointed. I know I want the next collection. The whole thing!

Brooke said...

C-C-C-Courage is so pretty!! I have Ruby Pumps and love it. Thanks for sharing :)

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