Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Barielle Spring 2010 swatches

As you probably already know, three of the new Barielle Spring 2010 shades are currently on sale at the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. They are $8 each, which includes shipping. According to the website, 100% of profits go towards charity. 

And they ship fast too. ;)

I ordered these last Tuesday and had a chance to swatch them today. 

Barielle Myrza's Meadow

Of the three I got, this had the absolute worst application and execution. It's a celadon jellyish creme with holo glitter. It needs a topcoat since it's really bumpy without. And I suspect that it would be much improved in terms of ease of application with a little bit of thinner... and the holo glitter would look a bit more glittery and a little less dull lumps in spring green soup if I added some clear polish. It doesn't even sparkle that much. I have a video but it barely seems worth it to post because it really isn't as pretty as it should be. Three coats. 

Barielle A Bouquet for Ava

This is the hardest color to capture on camera! It's like this ultra saturated, super bright cerulean blue. It's bright like in the first picture but the color is more like the color in the third. I was having a hell of a time trying to get it right. A Bouquet for Ava had the easiest application and probably could've used a third coat but VNL is truly not as noticeable IRL even though you can kind of see it in these photos. A truly gorgeous polish through and through. 

Barielle June Bug

This is a polish in the tradition of Barielle Falling Star: sparse but noticeable glitter in a contrasting color to the base. It's very different though in several ways: first, it's a shimmer base. The base is a light steel blue with teal shimmer (which would've been pretty on its own, come to think of it). Second, the glitter is more than one color. The dominant glitter color is magenta but then there are also silver bits. Some of the magenta glitter appears black because they get partially covered up by the polish. I think it's a fascinating polish but I don't know if I love it. It's definitely unique. 

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Brooke said...

Meadow is GORGEOUS!! Reminds me of a sparkly version of OPI's Gargantuan Green Grape :) very pretty

Jessica said...

Thank you for the swatches. All are very pretty.

Arrianne said...

That's a bummer about Meadow, I still think it's pretty.

gildedangel said...

Those colors are lovely!

Heather said...

I got all 3, and I wonder how close Myrza's Meadow is to BB Couture Kelly's Green (VampyVarnish's color). They both kinda look like guacamole to me :-)

ReaderRita said...

I really want to love Myrza's Meadow, but Barielle just doesn't seem to have nailed it. (no pun intended...) I saw the bottle pix and had high hopes, but all the swatches I've seen so far don't speak to me. I hate to say-I think it's blah. As for Ava and June Bug, on the other hand, they are mighty musts! (I still might get them all though, because it's for such a good cause! But I'm sad that they didn't do a Gilda polish...) Next time, OCRF!

~Elizabeth said...

I love Myrza's meadow and then it dawned on me why...when I first found all these nail blogs and was diving back into this wonderful world of colorful tips and toes, I made this! I used a Sally color and a glitter. I called it my Tinkerbell Mani. Guess I don't need it, but I'm loving Junebug more and more.

jaljen said...

Love Junebug. Have just ordered Falling Star. I SO hope it applies well.

Cailley said...

Ok so I really want these polishes but unfortunately I live in Canada so I'm not sure how the ordering process would work.

I emailed them about the polishes a long time ago but they still haven't replied. Help! (I want them polishes! >.<)

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