Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dior Porcelain and ManGlaze Hot Mess topcoat

Whew, this polish dampened my enthusiasm for Dior polishes down a little bit... but still not that much.  

Dior Porcelain

Super pretty in the bottle: a very delicate pink that has bright silver shimmer in it. Just like in Black Sequins, the shimmer seems to disappear somewhere between the bottle and the nail. But it's still visible, lending the polish a more subtle shimmer that's only really obvious in the light. This was a very sheer polish... and, imo, not even enough to be worn as a sheer polish (if I had had the inclination, which I did not). It took me five coats to get rid of VNL. Luckily, Dior polishes have great formula so it was a piece of cake to do the five coats but still... five is pushing it. The dry time took a bit longer than usual (probably because there were so many coats). Either way, it was a little too delicate and bland for me. I put it on... and then felt compelled to change it a couple of hours later. 

Dior Porcelain with ManGlaze Hot Mess topcoat

I received a complimentary bottle of the Hot Mess topcoat from ManGlaze for review. I'm very glad I did (thank you!) because I really like this topcoat... and I hadn't been impressed with the photos of it at all. A regular glitter topcoat is actually different from a matte glitter topcoat, even though both are glitter. The matte glitter topcoat has a more diffuse glow to it: it's sparkly but it's more restrained somehow. You'll probably get a similar effect by mattefying a very fine silver glitter. I'm going to try building this topcoat to be an opaque polish sometime (the above picture shows two coats). I love the way it looks on top of Porcelain though: it's still delicate but has edge. 

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Kirsten said...

Oh Hot Mess sounds awesome! I would love to see it layered over some other polishes!

jaljen said...

The Dior is just dull. The Hot Mess is interesting though. Yep, let's see more of it, please!!!!

Rebecca said...

wow, that hot mess looks great.I t really livened up the nude polish.

gildedangel said...

Ooo, I love it with the topcoat!

kittytokaren said...

I actually really love your final 5-coat results on this minus the glitter topcoat. I think its really pretty. *ducks and hides* maybe I'm just boring?

Michèle said...

Love the top coat too, never seen anything like it. Manglaze really know what they're doing!

The Glitterati said...

I kind of love Porcelain on its own too! But I do prefer it with the Manglaze topcoat, it looks like crushed crystals or somthing.

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