Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random swatch: RGB Minty

Please excuse the glitter that's all over my nails! I was swatching glitter polishes before I swatched this one. 

RGB Minty

At $17 (with complimentary shipping -- it had better be complimentary at that price), a polish had better be fabulous for me to feel like I haven't totally wasted my money. Fortunately, RGB Minty qualifies. I have been a huuuuuuge fan of minty greens from the first moment I laid eyes on OPI Hey, Get in Lime several years ago. (I can't believe I missed out on Peppermint Patti and Chanel Jade, both of which I would kill to buy at their original retail price...) So when I saw RGB Minty, despite the sticker shock, I knew that I would eventually give in and buy it. I am SO glad I did. The application was superb: thick and pigmented, easy to control and apply... it made me sigh happily when I looked at my nails even though it was just a quick swatch. I have to do an NOTD with this sometime soon. 

I'd love to try more RGB polishes but at this price, that experience is going to have to wait for a sale. 

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gildedangel said...

What a gorgeous color!

nihrida said...

I agree with gildedangel. It's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

God, thats pretty! I am really loving all these mint-ish colors coming out right now

Thess said...

Ugh, your nails are so beautiful!
Lovely color!

Brooke said...

wow, this really is fabulous!!

Get Nailed said...

You must have purchased during the off time, I got it for $14 and it's back to that price now. For like a week it was $17 but it's changed back.

Other than the price, which may be steep (for me it was, this is the most I've ever spent on 1 bottle), it's totally worth it. The colors is amazingly perfect!

Danica said...

That's way too much money. It's gorgeous though! I hope the mint craze never dies down.

Paloma said...

Hey, I'm a new viewer :D Please check out my blog and follow me! Tell your friends, cuz I only have 3 followers :(

flinty said...

gildedangel, nihrida, thess, brooke: thanks so much!

Get Nailed: ...omg. Are you serious?? I feel like a chump. Thanks for letting me know. :)

Danica: Yes, too expensive... and I kind of hope the mint green dies down a bit. I like wearing colors that not everyone's wearing and everyone's wearing mint green! ;)

Paloma: I'll check out your blog, thanks! :)

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