Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some Orly Spring 2010 collection swatches (and some comparisons)

It's not bad, it's not fabulous. They're beautiful, if kind of dupey, polishes and I really like the Orly formula these days so I'm not complaining very much at all. 

Orly Wild Wisteria and OPI Sapphire in the Snow (from L to R: Orly, OPI, Orly, OPI)

These two polishes are almost dead-on dupes. The only way I can tell the difference is because of the gap: my pre-clean-up gaps with OPI Pro-Wide brushes are invariably rougher than the gaps I get with regular rounder brushes like Orly's. Beautiful deep blurple color both. But if you have one, you really don't need the other. Two coats for the Orly, three for the OPI. Guess which one I'll be keeping. 

Orly Wandering Vine and Orly Enchanted Forest (from L to R: WV, EF, WV, WV)

There were a lot of questions on how close Wandering Vine was to Enchanted Forest. Here's the answer. Enchanted Forest is actually quite a bit darker than Wandering Vine. Both apply very well though and since I'm a sucker for dark greens, I'm keeping them both. 

Orly Pure Petunia 

Kind of a "meh" color to me. I don't know why I decided to get it. It's a bit brighter IRL (cloudy day when I took this pic) but looks like a lot of polishes I already have in a color I don't like that much. Great application in two coats and very glossy finish. 

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Anonymous said...

Wandering Vine is so pretty, and one I will definitely be picking up. I didn't pick up Sapphire in the Snow, so maybe I'll snap up the Orly dupe, though I really can't see it as a color I generally wear. Great swatches! Thanks!

Dee said...

I have Enchanted Forest, but I have found I really don't like the dark greens on me. I might try the Wandering Vine, to see if I like it better because it is lighter. Does the Sapphire in the Snow or the Wild Wisteria look like the Zoya Pinta?

Get Nailed said...

I didn't realize Wild Wisteria was so close to Sapphire in the Snow! Thanks for killing my lemming!

flinty said...

Ange-Marie: Honestly, I like the Orly one better anyway. The Pro-Wide brushes are a disaster on me.

Dee: I hear Zoya Pinta is very close to SitS but I can't tell you for sure because I don't use Zoya polishes. (They chip like crazy on me.)

Get Nailed: Always happy to help people save money! :D

gildedangel said...

Those are beautiful!

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