Friday, February 19, 2010

Color Club Rebel Debutante, Part I (of II, of III?)

Yes, the index fingernail broke again. I refuse to trim down the rest of the fingers to match it because polish application on nails that short is a real nightmare (especially for polishes with long brushes). :( It'll grow out soon, I hope...

Color Club sent me the Rebel Debutante collection about two weeks ago and I was hoping to put off swatching the completely creme set until I had grown out my previous index nail break. Then I realized that I might be waiting until March. There's no time like the present, right?

Color Club Who Are You Wearing

This was the surprise favorite of the four I'm showing you today. In the bottle, it looks like a beige with pearl grey undertones. The swatches I've seen on blogs with people I'm fairly sure are Caucasian shows it off as that color. On me, it looks like a very creamy milky just-barely-pink. As a woman of color (of Asian descent), I find that it's the light beige/pink colors that are the biggest cosmetic crapshoots: there's literally no guarantee that it will look like what it looks like in the bottle or in advertisements on me. (I think many Americans of Asian descent can relate to the early teenage experience of, "Dude, why does foundation look so weird on me?" Similar principle at work here.)

Well, just because it's a crapshoot doesn't mean it's going to be bad. I happen to love this color on me: I find it refreshing and sweet without being cloying. I do kind of envy other people who will wear this and have a nice whitened pearl grey but I'm cool with this milky nearly-pink. Two coats, glossy, and I'm very happy with it.

Color Club High Society

This reminds me of cheap coffee with skim milk... that's been left out a few days. That's not an appetizing image but it's not a bad color, imo: it's just very blah on me. Brown-leaning taupe with a tinge of mousy grey. "Mousy"... that's a good word to describe this color. Two coats.

Color Club Best Dressed List

This one reminds me of good coffee with a lot of good cream. Maybe a bit redder than that? I'm very "eh" on this one. Two coats, unexciting. And it looks kinda clashy-clashy with my skin.

Color Club Charity Ball

My SO looked over when I was swatching this one and said, "Yuck." Okay, I don't love it but it's not that bad! This is more of my idea of a fall shade though, a glossy terra cotta. I don't think it would be anyone's favorite color though.

I'm hoping to have the rest of the Rebel Deb collex swatched in the next week... silly school, getting in the way of important things, like nail polish swatching. :P

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gildedangel said...

Those are such beautiful colors!

laquermanic said...

I love them all exept the Charity Ball. Can't figure out what it is, but it's not my cup of tea. Good luk with the nail growing. I have to break off two nails before filing them all down, so I'm with you on keeping the rest ones long! :)

Nicole said...

Charity Ball, I don't know what it is about that color, I like it yet I don't. I love all the neutrals in this collection though - and I thought I would - because I've been on such a neutral kick lately.

The Glitterati said...

Oh, you are so wonderful for swatching Who Are You Wearing. I've been looking for a shade just like that! Most colours that come off as that clean, milky pale white/pink on caucasian skin seem to be too stark on my Asian skin. This one's definitely going in my next haul.

PS: Is application really harder on shorter nails? Maybe this is why I'm always flooding my cuticles. (At least, even if they don't flood, I never manage to get that neat cuticle gap on my nubbins...)

flinty said...

@gildedangel: thanks!

@lacquermanic: Yeah, who cares if everyone else is like, "uh, why are your nails uneven?" ;)

@nicole: I feel the same way about Charity Ball. There's something about it that I find very compelling... but it's just... not?

@glitterati: you are welcome! I was SO happy to find this color. I've been looking for this color too. I just didn't know I'd have to look at a pearl grey/beige to find it. :D And yes, I do find application harder with shorter nails. There are several brands of nail polish whose brushes are very long and absorb a lot of polish... and then dumps the polish on my nails (which are shorter than the brushes). Also, I have to stop polishing early when I get to the tip if I don't have a free edge or else I'll get polish on my finger tips... and I try to keep a neat gap at the base, too... which means my total freedom of brush movement is pretty constrained by shorter nail polishing area.

Jennifer Mayer said...

hmmm, I'm a Caucasian but with very yellow toned, light skin...I wonder if Who are you wearing? is worth a try? It looks lovely on you, BTW!

Stephanie said...

I'm always really attracted to Who Are You Wearing? whenever I see a swatch. Maybe I'll actually have to get it. Thanks!

jess said...

Yeee-es!!! Thank you for this! I'm of Asian descent as well and have no clue about skin tone (NC-what?)! I look at swatches all the time but can never pinpoint what 'colour' the swatcher's skin is.

Who Are You Wearing? looks absolutely gorgeous on you and fits the bill of office appropriate colours that I'll be looking into once I find a job (: I hope it looks this good on me as well!

Rhea said...

Who are you wearing looks pretty good :) looks nice on you

keerthi said...

I liked Who Are You Wearing? when I saw it on others, but I absolutely LOVE it on you! I'm tan with yellow undertones, so I really appreciate being able to get a better sense of how things will look on me through your swatches. PoP in general is a great resource for someone with my skin tone; TY for putting together such a diverse group of bloggers! :)

bird of a feather said...

Funny how High Society looks very different on you! It's really a colour I love: I find it so elegant! I also own ms socialite, which i also love.

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