Thursday, February 4, 2010

More of the Street Wears that I thought I wouldn't like...

Continued from yesterday...

Revlon Street Wear Scheming

Another polish that looked like it was going to be a super sheer mess but turned out to be an interesting color. Reminds me of a lighter version of OPI At Your Quebec and Call. The above is three coats and should probably have been four.

Revlon Street Wear Prissy
Yes, it is very prissy. A pearly frosty light pink. More opaque than I thought it would be at three coats.

Revlon Street Wear Mmoody [sic] over ELF Chocolate
This one was definitely too sheer to wear alone so I layered it over ELF Chocolate (nice polish but crap brush at $1). Mmoody over it is this really lovely greyed out slate blue shimmer.

Revlon Street Wear Gun Metal
Three coats. Not a great warm silver.

Revlon Street Wear Gold Mine & Ggold Mmine

One of the few times the double first-letter polish is probably exactly the same as the original (Ggold Mmine and Gold Mine). The quality of Gold Mine seems to be worse than Ggold Mmine (the streakier one is Gold Mine) but they are the same color: a very sheer duochromey olive gold and dusty purple. Three coats, nowhere near opaque. Might look interesting layered over the right color but all in all, a huge disappointment because it was so pretty in the bottle.

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gildedangel said...

Those are great colors, I love the first one!

Kaide said...

Wow, I haven't seen Street Wear in YEARS!! There is a Revlon plant near where I grew up. They would have factory sales yearly & that is where I last saw Street Wear! Prissy & Moody are very nice@

Anonymous said...

I have gun metal and gold mine. Gun metal was my signiture color when they first came out when I was in 8th grade or so. I had moody when I was in High School, but when I moved out, my mom threw out my polish stash. *the horror*

flinty said...

gildedangel: thanks!

Kaide: oh the idea of a Revlon factory sale with Street Wears... it fills my soul with wonder. ;)

Ange-Marie: I wish I had an old polish stash. My mom never threw anything of mine out. I could've had some awesome polishes! ;)

auroragyps said...

I have Gold Mine and it's one of my favorite polishes. I don't wear it often though, because the brush is weird, so it's a pain to get on the nail. Sometimes I'll put it one when I can take my time putting polish on my nails, but I definitely can't rush with it.

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