Friday, March 19, 2010

Another iNOTD: funky french with Street Wear Prism

Proof that I can't leave well enough alone:

I'll get a better photo of this in the morning. Up close it looks a mess but it's such a wonderful holo glitter from afar. So happy I found a Street Wear Prism!

I bumped into one of my former professors today. He's not working. It looks like he ended up on the wrong side of "publish or perish". (Cases like him are the reason I decided to get a marketable master's before I started my PhD. I do not ever want to be oh so unceremoniously shown the door like that.) It's only been about five years since I saw him last but he's aged a ton. A little sad that he's attending a conference mostly just to hang out with old colleagues. Half-hearted networking, perhaps?

So many PhDs end up in oblivion like that and not for any lack of intelligence or talent. The market is kinda glutted with them and good academic posts are harder and harder to come by. (Varies by field but as a general rule, there's more PhDs who want academic jobs than academic positions. Unless you want to be a research scientist in the hard or applied sciences, do NOT get a PhD for job security. It's not worth the time or debt. And it's a crap bet to take.)

I liked him a lot on a personal level. Terrible teacher. I had hoped he'd land a research gig (far far away from a classroom) but... I guess not. :( makes me want to hunker down and really build my CV. Just fatten that thing up. I refuse to be on the "perish" end of the equation.

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ANSTAH said...

Best of luck to you. I totally feel you on this post. Good luck!!!

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

You're smart, learning from other's examples of what not to do. I am sure you'll make it just fine. I LOVE the picture in the picture here. I love the big red hairy monster. :) OH, and the mani is pretty too!

R3Beauty said...

Love the funky french and photograph. Glad you are getting a marketable Master's first. In my career field a Masters can get you overlooked for several jobs unless you want to be a VP or higher. Those jobs are few & far between, and with a life and family, I don't have those hours to give, so while part of me wants to get my masters, I would feel like I have to leave it off my CV in order to stay marketable in my career. But I love to learn, so part of me doesn't care. I promised myself though the next "schooling" I had was going to be as a nail tech. I would love to turn this passion into a career.

mKat said...

You just made me cry a little... but it wasn't anything I didn't already know.

PolishPig said...

Oh darn..!
I know it's that hard. I gave it up and got an MD instead, that is a career move too, and I love my job now.
Maybe that would be a way out for a bright girl..

The Glitterati said...


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