Wednesday, March 10, 2010

iTorture myself: what today's mail brought me

4 of BB Couture's new spring colors! When I have to be really bent over my work! :( I'm presenting my research to my labmates (and advisor) tomorrow. So here I am, hoping the meager crap I have so far passes for months worth of work. I feel so incompetent.

But I am making some use of the survey data I collected from you all. (Thanks again!)

Anyway, these pretties are sitting on my desk mocking me:

Caterpillar, Horned Devil (which looks incredible! not that you can see it in this picture), Man Bug and Peacock. I have no idea when the next time I'll get to play "crazy swatching lady" will be. The beginning of my spring break maybe? (In about ten days' time.)

I am going to NYC next week for the CUNY Sentence Processing conference. And hopefully, there will be hanging out (errr, meeting for the first time) with some of the other Polish or Perish bloggers who are in the area! Piff and I are thinking of getting Minx pedis...

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Arrianne said...

Horned Devil *bows to*

That's cool that y'all'll <--not a word finally get to meet.

Rhea said...

oooh, pretty!

NY*NAIL*DIVA said...

ahhhhh, NICE!

gildedangel said...


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