Monday, March 22, 2010

Konad plate storage

I've been on the lookout for a storage solution for Konad plates for ages. It occurred to me (or perhaps to me via my bf) that the holders used to store mini-DVRs for old camcorders would be perfect for plates.  Unfortunately, tracking these down proved to be more difficult than we expected.

For a while I stored my plates in a square jewelry box with a clear lid. I left them in their plastic sleeves so they wouldn't rub against one another (though Konad's backing protects them from scratches), and piled them in numerical order into the box.  It was a decent/attractive enough solution but it meant laying my plates out every time I wanted to do a Konadicure. Not particularly efficient. And definitely not logical now that my plate collection has expanded well beyond eight.

So... on the weekend, while picking up some household essentials, I came across an inexpensive ($2) photo album. With room for thirty-six 4x6 inch photos, I now have room for at least as many plates; more if I store two per sleeve.  As it is an album I can easily flip through it without having to pull my plates out individually, and it stores neatly on a shelf or in a drawer.  I've inserted business cards from my Konad/Fauxnad suppliers into the inside front cover and will likely replace the beach scene with something "cute and Konadish" when time permits.

It isn't perfect but I think it will do for now. 


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Heidi said...

I use a 4" X 6" 100 pocket photo album for mine as well. I like it because I keep it upright on my desk and it doesn't take up much space, and I can quickly and easily find the plate I want (or remember which plates I already own). The downside is when I place it on its side and lift it up the wrong way and one (or more) plates come sliding out.

ANSTAH said...

Great idea!

Skulda said...


ShortAndSweetNails said...

I store mine in a mini photo album.

Arrianne said...

Cool idea!

MShell said...

Hey there, I just found your blog and had to share this....I LOVE this & use it for my stamping plates, it only took a few minutes and I also dont have to worry about them falling out!!....I saw this on YouTube..

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