Friday, March 26, 2010

Nailtini Parfait D'Amour with Nailtini topcoats

The less-successful precursor to the new CND line, Nailtini... and there are reasons why it is less successful.

Nailtini Parfait D'Amour
Isn't it a cute lilacky creme? I think it's adorable. If only it didn't take three coats to get near opaque! I've always wondered why this brand didn't get more credit for the "combine creme and topcoats for different effects" gimmick. The bottles are elegant (tall cylinders, like wine bottles), the branding was great (you have cremes named after liquors and and topcoats named after mixers, garnishes, cocktail miscellany) and a pretty nice variety of colors. After trying a couple of polishes, it seems obvious they didn't grasp that they were selling polishes to layer. You need relatively pigmented and quick drying nail polishes... unless you want the topcoat layer to pull the bottom layers right off the nail. So three coats and having to wait between base color and topcoat garnish... maybe not the right way to go about it. :(

Nailtini Parfait D'Amour with "mixers"

From left to right (2 coats each):
Index: none | Middle: Spritzer | Ring: Crushed Ice | Pinky: Blue Flame

Nailtini Spritzer
Chunky gold shimmer. Somewhat hard to see in low lights.

Nailtini Crushed Ice
Frosty silver shimmer. Pretty bright and reminds me of the CND Sparkles. The sort of thing you'd be able to see on top of pastels as well as darker colors.

Nailtini Blue Flame

Transform your polishes into pearly blue semi-frost... eh. Maybe it would be better on top of a darker color.

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Lucy said...

Maybe with CND bringing out their effects range it might make these more popular?

Very pretty colour!

Piff said...

They look nice against your skin tho girl!

WizardsOfBling said...

So pretty! I like it both ways!

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