Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not-Quite Mannequin Hands: RBL Plie

I've been craving pink lately, and since my pink manicure over the weekend didn't pan out, I thought I'd go to one of my old favourites to satiate my colour craving - Rescue Beauty Lounge Plie. For me this is as close to the dreaded (beloved?) 'mannequin-hands' look as I'm going to get! (I've found my correct 'mannequin-hands' shade - but to my eyes it just looks like I got foundation on my fingers - I'm just not into the look despite my deep love of neutrals.)

Plie is my 'not-quite mannequin hands' shade - it is the same depth as my skin tone, but a pinker hue:

This is a pink that works for me - its never too bright or sugary or sweet - it's a genuine neutral that still has a feminine edge. It's calm and pretty. You'd think this colour would be everywhere, but I've never found a dupe for it. (I think the closest I've seen is Essie Not Just a Pretty Face...) I think this is due to this colours' slightly dusty quality - which you know by now I love. It's like pink and greige had a baby! I have a hard time pulling off those vivid baby pinks...I also love that this isn't white against my skin like most pale pinks are on me.

The formula is fab - two easy smooth coats. To be completely honest this is the only light-coloured RBL that I find has the same highly-pigmented-but-not-too-thick as the darker cremes. I've found some of them to be thick and goopy, but streaky at the same time - like spreading marshmallow fluff over your nails. Hate. But this one is all love!!

If I ever get close to running out of this colour, I will definitely re-buy. I have yet to find anything remotely like it! Heck, I may even get a back-up during the next sale late this year.

Do you guys rock the 'mannequin-hands' look? What do you think of Plie?


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Apaige2u said...

Me thinks you cheatin' on Essie and Imma gonna tell her! That color definitely suits you. Great mani!!

Skulda said...

This is really pretty! I think mannequin hands looks good on people who get the shade just right for their skin tone. :D

Grace said...

It's pretty. Reminds me of OPI dulce de leche, which is my "this is as close to mannequin hands as I get" polish.

rmcandlelight said...

From your pic plie looks like it would be great to use to cover your VNL :)

kittytokaren said...

@apaige - hi lovie! Hehe I love Essie, OPI and RBL probably equally!! And thanks :)

@Skulda - Thanks...I have yet to see a mannequin hands look that I love - I think the whole look just isn't for me.

@Grace - Thanks!

@rmcandlelight - I think its more pink than whats coming across in the photo! ALso I wouldn't want to waste my precious Plie!! Plus, I'm not scared of a little VNL - I like sheers sometimes :) PS Love your blog w apaige & co!


R3Beauty said...

That is beautiful on you. Mine is a lot more noticeable because I am tan. It must be neutral day today! I posted a neutral mani and so did Daily Polish!

daydream222 said...

I'm still looking for a mannequin hand color. :( I think my skin tone might be weird or unusual or something. Plie looks FANTASTIC on you!!

kelsealaurel said...

SO gorgeous! I am loving it. I really like neutrals lately for some reason! This looks like something I would definitely like to own. Hope you are well =)

kittytokaren said...

@r3 - Haha yeah I'm so pale it kind of blends with my skin tone! It does pop a little more in reality than in the picture (in some lights). I saw your post!! I love neutrals so woohoo to that!

@daydream222 - My mannequin hands colour is Essie Be Right Bag. It is exactly my skin tone and I still didn't like the look! And thanks!

@kelsealaurel - You and me both sister! I love neutrals and lately I don't want to wear anything else! I'm having a rough time with my jerk are you???


ShortAndSweetNails said...

I'm really liking this pink.

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