Thursday, March 25, 2010

Old NOTDs: Claire's Chunky Blue and Chunky Purple

Some janky NOTDs I did when I was trying the teabag method (a really lazy version of it anyway) to preserve the length of my nails... I had considered just cropping my index finger out of these photos.

Claire's Chunky Blue

I applaud the idea of these polishes. Large hex glitter with small regular glitter suspended in a dark jelly. It's so playful and fun! And I liked how easy it was to get the hex glitter on the nail. Sometimes, you have to fish the big shapes out of the bottle but that was not the case with these. Unfortunately... the hex glitter was not a particularly reflective silver, so it looked dull, almost paper-like. I really wish the hex glitter were light blue instead of silver. Totally ruined the effect of the polish for me. Also, it was pretty chippy on me in a relatively short amount of time.

Claire's Chunky Purple

I got a ton of compliments on this mani. My impressions on this polish are pretty much the same as the ones I had for Chunky Blue. Again fun, but misses the mark slightly. I do have another polish from Justice that is virtually the same... except the hex glitter is magenta. I originally thought they were the same polish, just labelled differently but when I compared them side by side, it appears that the Justice polish is actually colored hex glitter instead of silver. (I might have to go to back to the sad, sad mall to pick a few more up!) What is really impressive about these polishes in a way is how smooth they are for what they contain: you'd expect them to actually be "chunky" but it actually is a pretty smooth surface.

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Stephanie said...

Yeah, whenever I saw these polishes crop up on blogs, my reaction was always, "Ooo, sparkly...but ew it really does look chunky." I love the idea of the blue one, but I don't think it would look great on me...

TipsToToes said...

What is the teabag method?

Lucy said...

I like these polishes but wouldn't buy them. I like the Chunky Purple it's really pretty. Shame your not loving these.

ShortAndSweetNails said...

I'm always tempted to buy these but then just leave them behind. Not missing much I suppose?!

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