Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sweatpants for your nails.

Before I continue, the term in the title was the enlightened creation of someone on nail board. I do not remember who, so if you are reading this, please show your brilliant self!

Because she was so right....the OPI Suedes are exactly like sweatpants for your nails. They go on easy when you're in a hurry, they're lo-maintenance and you kind of forget they're there.

Unlike sweatpants though, they're pretty damn sexy.

Check out We'll Always Have Paris Suede:

I really needed to throw something on last night - I damaged my Jade is the New Black mani from all the luggage handling, and then baking until 11:30pm, and really wanted to sleep because I only got two hours the night before. (Don't ask...) This was the perfect solution! The colour is somewhere between a pink and a purple (a tyrian purple?) without being too bright or gaudy. (I tried to get the colour accurate in the pic with various lighting conditions...) In fact it's the exact same colour and level of shiny as my phone (Sidekick LX 09 in Orchid) and nothing like the original OPI We'll Always Have Paris. It is loaded down with tons of shimmer, that since the polish is matte-ified, it just looks like a really awesome speckled finish and doesn't look super 'flat' like a true matte does. Honestly having true mattes on my nails reminds me of the feeling of nails on a chalkboard so I tend to avoid them.

My English is awful today. "Level of shiny"...right...

Two easy coats done fairly quickly seems to be the way that these work best for me. The OPI Suedes dry so unbelievably fast its like you never even did a manicure in the first place! (Ah ha! One more step towards polish colour you can change with the push of a button!!)

I'm not sure how this is going to last, as mattes and suedes don't last as long as normal polishes, but I will probably be doing a 'real' mani after work anyways. :) Just needed to look presentable for today in a hurry, so I pulled on my nail-sweatpants!

Do you guys have any of the OPI Suedes? Do you moisturize with them? How long do they wear for you?


PS Like flinty, I'm trying to de-stash a little. Culling my herd of Essies is so hard...

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D:) said...

sunash82! i thought it was brilliant also

gildedangel said...

That is a gorgeous color on you!

Legra said...

I've got Russian Navy Suede and I love it! They usually wear 3-4 days for me, but I do put on a matte topcoat a few days in. I don't mind the finish changing so I still moisturize!

augusta said...

i have lincoln park in the dark. it only lasts for a day (if i'm working- i wash my hands several times a day at work)-its lasts two days with a topcoat. lately i havent been wearing my polish for more than two days.

Lily nail said...

i love the suede collection !!

kittytokaren said...

@D:) - ahh yes!! that really was the best description! :) I couldnt have said it better.

@gildedangel -thanks!! the lighting is kind of funny, but it really does show the colour most accurately...

@Legra - Russian Navy Suede is on my lemming list now! I only have two - We'll Always Have Paris and Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees. RN is one of my fav polishes ever so I bet I'd love it! I moisturize all the time too and it doesn't seem to change the finish too much...I apply an extra coat every day or every other day if its looking funky and not too chippy

@augusta - I wash my hands constantly too! I add on another layer of the suede if I get some chipping - I've only tried it with topcoat once!

@lily nail - agr. its "the business".

<3 kittytokaren

kada said...

the "someone on the nail board" is genius, that is usually when I remember my LPAD Suede - an emergency situation!

But sadly it usually last a long for me (without any topcoat on) and I wash hands frequently and I moisturize all the time. I don't think putting on hand cream affects the finish tho.

It's weird that there's a white film on the finger after shower, I don't if it's something do with the shampoo. Does anyone have the same problem?

Rhea said...


kittytokaren said...

@kada - D:) figured it out! It was sunash82! :) Also, I'm're sad that it lasts a long time on you?? You get white film?? I've never had that happen! I would guess it would probably be conditioner?

@Rhea - Thhhaannkssss! :) hehe


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