Thursday, April 1, 2010

Barielle Summer 2010 swatches, Part I of II

Another package that brightened my endless sick days: Barielle's PR sent me their Summer 2010 collection (named High Steppin'). I have to give real credit to Barielle for being really creative this year: I just wish the end result would be a bit more impressive. I loved their creativity in their Spring 2010 collection and I LOVE that I do not see a neon or pastel in the Summer 2010 collex... but I'm not sure I love what I do see.

Barielle Belly Dance

Let's start with my favorite of the collection, Belly Dance. A pinkish nude that leans just a slight bit purple and has subtle (but noticeable) silver shimmer. It's understated and would probably look great on someone with pale skin and pink undertones; it looks a bit washed out on me but I still love the color. The application was a bit goopy and needed three coats. Nothing a few drops of thinner won't cure but I shouldn't have to cure new polishes.

Barielle Freestyle

Argh, this reminds me of a polish but I can't remember which one. Possible a Missha one? This is the sort of polish that drives me nutty: metallic shimmer with glitter. Glitter gets swallowed up and just looks kinda lumpy. :( I like the base color a lot -- a very cool pale green -- but I'm not thrilled with the rest of the polish. Also, it's sheer and hard to apply evenly; the above shows three coats and it's still got bare patches.

Barielle Night Moves

I guess the newest release Night Moves reminds me of is the silver Orly FX but it more accurately resembles the gorgeously streaky -- not even close to sarcastic here -- Diamond Cosmetics Silver Brocade. Except this one was more sheer and harder to apply: I kept on getting cuticle drag. Definitely needed some time between coats to apply this.

These were all the polishes I could get through swatching before being overtaken by a horrible coughing fit. Coughing really ruins manis and the whole manicure experience. :P I'll try to get the rest of the swatches done in the next week though.

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ShortAndSweetNails said...

Belly Dance is gorgeous!

aaminahs mom said...

i really think night moves is a keeper also i ike the length of your nails

Starlight said...

Freestyle is very pretty!

Arrianne said...

Workin' on my Night Moves. Bob Seger, ha. Not too impressed with these. =(

jaljen said...

I think these are very disappointing from a company that produced Slate of Affairs and Falling Star. I must have been lucky with Silver Brocade because mine goes on fine.
Belly Dance is OK but the others are poor.

flinty said...

@shortandsweet: thanks! It's my favorite of this bunch.

@aaminah mom: thank you!

@starlight: I'd like it better if it weren't so sheer and streaky. I love the base color of it though.

@arrianne: LOL.

@jaljen: Aren't those two from the Barielle/ALU collection?

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