Friday, April 23, 2010

Desert Island Pick: Essie Jackie Oh My

I've always hesitated to show this polish to you. It's one that I wear all the time and absolutely adore and I was always waiting for when my nails were longer...or the sun was better...or I had a better application...or show her off to her absolute best advantage. But I've decided that enough is enough and it's time to unveil one of my Desert Island polishes! (i.e. If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have a few polishes, this would be one.)

I bring you Essie Jackie Oh My:

Now, she may look like just another pale sheer to you, but this one is really special to me. First, the color: a classic off-white with matching shimmer. I've never bothered doing white tips under this - I don't feel like it needs it. No matter what length my nails are it always seems to work. The shimmer in Jackie Oh My is so subtle, you can barely detect it, but I think it lends to this polish a special refined gleam and glimmer. I tried to capture it here:

Next, the formula: It looks like a pale sheer, but doesn't apply like one. This is the least streaky pale colour I have ever tried, and I think it may be due to the shimmer in the polish. It's amazingly self-leveling as well - you think you see a hint of streakiness? Look away. Look back - perfectly smooth finish! The above was two coats, and did I mention? This is day three of the mani. And it will stay this way for as long as I can stand to keep it on!

This is HG material for me ladies. It's got the holy trinity of polish - sophisticated & elegant colour, streak-free formula, extremely long-lasting. And as an added bonus it has a cute name! My pictures don't even come close to capturing how pretty this one is or doing her any sort of justice, and I feel a little ashamed about it! All I can do is encourage you to try it for yourself if you have the chance - I know this is popular with some of the other Essie-lovers out there as well.

What are your Desert Island Picks? Would you be interested in seeing my complete list?


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Grace said...

My desert island polishes would include quite a few essies, for sure. Vanity Fairest might be my #1, because it has just that tiny bit of shimmer. I finally nabbed a bottle of Body Language and I wore it to a conference last week and it was LOVE. I couldn't stop staring at my mani (probably not ideal when you're at a conference pretending to listen to people's research, but still...LOVE). And for a little glam, Really Red - my perfect red polish. And just for fun, I'd take China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway.

BTW - from one Essie fan to another - are you freaking out as much as I am about the L'Oreal purchase? If they change the formula I will cry. I am NOT a fan of L'Oreal polishes.

Anonymous said...

Love it and the fact that it is streak free is a big plus! I agree with you on the L'Oreal thing, I don't even like the fact that L'oreal has bought that many brands those last years.

Arrianne said...

I love your nails this length!

Katherine said...

I love Jackie Oh My too and would love to see your complete list of desert island polishes. We seem to have similar taste in polishes.

Alison said...

Jackie Oh my is also one of my all time faves, now the sun is starting to shine here again I will be breaking her out more often.

One of my other desert island polishes would have to be Essie Mademoiselle, one coat makes my nails look healthy and groomed and two coats is utter perfection. Sometimes I like to layer it with Big Dipper too.

I would love to see your list of must haves, we probably share a few of the same faves!

TropicalChrome said...

I'd love to see your entire list - and more importantly, your reasoning for each one. That's the interesting part - why it makes the list, what made it attractive and catapulted it over the rest.

I have only one Desert Island pick right now: China Glaze Harmony. It's an exact dupe of Revlon Tropical Chrome, which I love so much I stole it for one of my screen names :). It's the perfect purple for me - when I don't know what to wear, I always find myself turning to it. Oh, and it wears like iron and applies easily. I'm not even 1/4 through my first bottle and I already have a backup!

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Jackie Oh is a very elegant color on you. Since I'm all about keeping myself entertained on a desert island, my first pick for polish would have to be Claire's mood polish in Calm/Wild. Its a thoughtful question - which polishes would you have on a desert island?

Piff said...

Sighhhh. I love a good white.

kittytokaren said...

Sorry for not responding right away ladies - I was tied up at the airport and my phone does not love blogger....

@Grace - You know whats sad? I've never tried Vanity Fairest! It is going on my wishlist immediately. I am seriously upset by the L'Oreal purchase. I mean its great for Ms. Essie but I am really worried about what is going to happen to the polishes I love so much. If L'Oreal re-packages them, changes the formula or even remotely messes with them there will be some hell to pay!!

@Katie - Lets just hope that L'Oreal knows a good thing when it sees it and leaves Essie as is!

@Arrianne - Why thank you! They're a bit longer now but I think I'm going to have to take them back down....they're starting to get annoying.

@Katherine - Ahh good! I feel like most people feel like I have 'boring' taste in polishes, but its nice to know someone else feels the same way!! Maybe I will do the list then :)

@Alison - Mademoiselle is such a classic!! and its good to hear you're liking Big DIpper!

@TropicalChrome - It is true, each of my polishes has a story. I think I'll have to start on my list! Love the story of your favourite np!!!

@Lacquer Ware - Thank you! Haha I like the idea of an entertaining polish!!

@Piff - Me too love, me too.


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