Monday, May 10, 2010

Cheap thrills: Essence swatches

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And now... polishes!

Not bad at all for 99¢ each. Not fabulous but not bad.

Essence Just in Case
Cool bronze metallic. Goopy, brushstrokey, three coats. Cheap and I'm not thrilled.

Essence Get the Fever
Bright orange creme. Three coats, went on sort of thick but ended up looking quite nice.

Essence Check Me Out
Near-neon green creme. Three coats, needed four. Except it was thick and I would've needed to wait for this to dry before putting on a fourth coat.

Essence Break Through

Color's more vibrant IRL: reddish purple creme. Wonderful polish: pretty much opaque in two coats. Now that's a great use of 99¢!

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chickadee1066 said...

Thanks for these! I **ADORE** Break Through. It is SO much prettier on nails than in the bottle, it was a pleasant surprise!

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