Thursday, May 13, 2010

MAC Blue India

I'm usually not one to run after these make up counter polish releases. If I happen to be at the mall, I'll stop by to look at the polish and not end up buying it because of the price tag or possible dupes or bad reviews I've read about the quality. The only thing I bought that was released as a limited collection from MAC was back when they had Hello Kitty, I bought a lip balm thingie (don't even know what it's called lol). But recently I've found myself lemming the grey from that collection, On the Prowl.. The thing about MAC collections is that they sell out amazingly fast and once they're gone, they're gone unless you live near a CCO or buy from a third party online. I knew MAC fanatics and NP addicts went gaga over this shade so I decided to give it a chance when I was at the mall last month, since I've really been feeling all these dusty shades. I was suprised when the SA said they still had some available since the collection had already been out for a week or so when I stopped by to look at it. First of all, the packaging for this is so so cute! The box alone made me giddy when the SA took it out for me. A little birdie!

Direct sunlight

Indirect natural light

Different lightings made this shade look more teal and then more dusty in others.. weird! Or maybe I'm just imagining it.... The thing that suprised me about this polish is the pigmentation and formula. I've read so many complaints about MAC formula being runny and difficult to use. This wasn't the case at all! It was really easy to control and only took two coats! :) I am very pleased with my first nail polish from MAC and will definitely give the future collections a chance before letting them pass by.

Did anyone else nab this polish besides Flinty and myself? Let me know what you think about MAC nail polish!

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jaljen said...

I love this. But I have read such negative remarks about Mac that I'm not tempted to buy.

susies1955 said...

I have seen this three time in the last week and I am falling so in love with that color. SO very pretty.

Audrey said...

Yes!! I nabbed it the week it was released-by way of a gf who works near a MAC store!! It is the most beautiful dusty teal/grey blue I own and the application is flawless!! Looks great on you!! Glad you found it.

cidell said...

I bought it! As a sewist (their fabrics are amazing) and blue lover, resistance was futile.

mKat said...

Looks beautiful on you!

I kinda wish I had grabbed this... my fellow bloggers are really giving me an appreciation for dusty shades. ;)

I haven't been inside a MAC store in months. For some reason I don't often feel I can justify the price of MAC polishes when cheaper options exist.. But of the few MAC polishes I do own, I have had no problems with the application so at least it isn't an expensive polish that goes on badly (for me, anyway).

The only thing that drives me nuts is that some of these polishes never come back again. :P MAC makes my HG red and I haven't seen it since its appearance in a holiday collection years before I started collecting.

kittytokaren said...

Looks gorgeous on you!! I'm ashamed to say that I have this and it is still untried. Because I am a disgrace. :(

Oh and guess what - I did something I never do. I bought a polish on eBay (Essie Carousel Coral) because after your post I just couldn't resist it any longer. I hope it looks good on me!! Thanks for posting the swatch for me ;)

Spaceinvaders said...

Pretty! I love the bottle :)

Apriltini said...

I adore this shade. Snatched it up the day after release, but only after the salesperson let me try it on. I fell in love with it. Great color, and fabulous application. It's my first MAC polish. I didn't buy it because it's MAC, but because it's an awesome color on me. Sorry, I can't stop raving about it. :) said...

I really liked your blog.Perfect nail polish.Thak u
LOves Duygu:)

Justine said...

For anybody unable to find MAC Blue India, Sally Hansen Gray by Gray is a close dupe.

mKat, what's your HG red from MAC?

*huddles with kittytokaren among the untrieds*

faerieberry said...

I like the color all right, but I bought this because I am obsessed with all things Liberty! Their haberdashery department is insane!

Adrienne said...

I'm happy to read that people love this color too!!!! it was a nice little suprise.

@K2K.. no need to be feel ashamed!!! When I buy nail polish I never get around to actually wearing it until two months later hahha And let us know how Carousel Coral works out for you ASAP!!!!!

@ Justine, I also have Gray by Gray, totally forgot about it because I didn't like the brush on it, but I'll have to pull it out and do a comp post for those that can't access Blue India.

Geo58 said...

Looks very gorgoeus! I even love the nail polish bottle design. I hear Michelle Mismas of collects unique nail polish bottle designs, will have to let her know about this one, LOL.

I am really loving how the different lighting make the teal color "pop" and the color looks flawless, great on your skin tone.

Hope you ALL had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Love you blog k2k

Mc Huggs :)

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