Tuesday, June 29, 2010

China Glaze Vintage Vixen, Part III of III

First thing's first: expect a new layout very soon! mKat's been hard at work and we should have our spiffied up new website up by the weekend. We're aiming for Thursday, July 1st for the big launch! So if you come here on Thursday and find it looking VERY different, don't freak out... it's still us, just spiffier. All designed by the ultra talented mKat. The banner, of course, was designed by Heidi, one of our readers.

But enough talk. Onto swatches of the rest of the Vintage Vixen collection that China Glaze sent me! I had waited for a day with lots of sun but it's been overcast for the past few days so I had to make do...

China Glaze Goin' My Way?

I thought this was going to be blah. But it turned out to be a very glossy, burnished bronze that applied like a dream. It looks like it might be a mahogany shimmer with a ton of gold shimmer thrown in. Two coats, super smooth.

China Glaze Bogie

I did my nails in the semi-gloom of my apartment. Which is obvious when you look at my application job. This dark plum foil (or perhaps it might be just a lot of silver shimmer tossed in?) was a slight bit gloopy and hard to apply -- and it wasn't as glossy as the others in this collection -- but it still was fine in two coats.

China Glaze Midnight Mission

Stop the freakin' presses! OMG. Have you guys SEEN this one? I didn't realize how fantastic it was until I applied it. It's a dark blue shimmering jelly that is just chock-a-block with silver microglitter. It's like Essie Starry Starry Night on crack. Two coats and you are done! Gleaming gorgeousness, through and through. Definitely needed a glossy topcoat though.

Closeup of Midnight Mission

China Glaze First Class Ticket

This may be my favorite of the collection. Dark shimmering purple with blue microglitter (it may just be shimmer but the little blue bits just pop out at you)... with a touch of foil. You have to click on these photos to see their bigger versions. It's so hard to see how pretty this one is through smaller photos. Two coats and very glossy.

Closeup of First Class Ticket

Overall, this collection was wonderful. Many of these were so surprising: a lot of them look ordinary or even boring on the bottle. To tell the truth, a lot of these aren't even super stunning indoors. But get them in some light and they'll just come to bright burning life. Furthermore, most of these polishes apply amazingly well: most of them are two coaters and many of them have a high-gloss finish that makes it look like you've already got topcoat on (although you should probably still put on topcoat).

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tasha~ said...

I am not in love with any from this collection.... I don't know if I will be getting any....

Jo said...

First Class Tickets would look great as a pedicure :)

Paillette said...

I will definitely getting First Class Ticket and Midnight Mission!

Heidi said...

Wow! I didn't think I wanted any of these, but this post quickly changed my mind. I'll take one of each....

Sandi said...

Bogie, Hey Doll and Swing Baby will definitely be must haves for me and at least 3-4 others are want, Want, WANTS. Damn you China Glaze. I'm running out of room. How many of them (if any) are glass fleck?

Arrianne said...

Yay, new layout! I need almost every color from this entire collection.

cupper82 said...

Love the new layout! I can't wait to get some of this collection!

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