Thursday, June 17, 2010

Essie Summer 2010

So sorry for the lack of posts from me recently! I let my brother borrow my digital camera for his vacation and I just got it back this week. Now I can get back to posting pretty colors for you!

I only picked up three of the six polishes in this collection. I was even on the fence about two of the ones I picked out. Nowadays, I try to buy polishes that I know I can't live without and are more unique. I really only wanted to get Demure Vixen because of all the hype on the nail board on When I saw that this collection contained a green I thought, You go Essie! I didn't think much of it since it was just a green and plenty of other polish companies have been releasing green shades for a while now. It was until I saw the display I knew I HAD to have it. As for Haute as Hello, I only wanted it because I thought it was a super pale or pastel coral. Here are the swatches:

Demure Vixen

Dusty, edgy, taupe-mauve with pink shimmer. It is the pink shimmer that made this polish more unique for me. Really enjoying it and is definitely work appropriate for the conservative work place. Perfect in two coats!

Haute As Hello

This is a super bright in your face almost neon orangey coral. Totally deceiving... in the bottle I thought it was a pastel orangey coral. It dried matte so this photo has top coat applied. After admiring it, I realized that I really liked it!!!!!!! Made my hands look tan hehe Also perfect in two coats.

Pretty Edgy

Honestly, when looking at the promotional images for this collection I simply glazed over the green, but after applying it.......... I LOVE IT, SO glossy! This was perfect in two coats, and it was this polish that reminded why I love Essie. It's a jelly, I love jellies!!!!!! My fav red is from Essie -- Jelly Apple. Applies just like this and I absolutely adore this kind of application. If there are more Essie that apply like this, please let me know so I can buy them all!

Essie must have done something to their formula because all the recent collections have applied flawlessly for me. I used to hate Essie because I didn't know how to control the formula, but I didn't have any difficulty with the last few collections. Please make more polishes with the same formula as Pretty Edgy!! I am very happy with the three that I got and from now on I will give Essie's future collections a chance.

Did anyone else pick up anything from this collection? Favorites? Or dislikes?

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tasha~ said...

I got Demure Vixen and Pretty Edgy! I love them both... I don't know about the rest of the collection... Nice swatches!

sai said...

i have got Pretty Edgy. This is the prefect green!!! Before this collection is released, OPI's the jade is new black was my fav green polish, but now I love Pretty Edgy moreeeeeee is just so....prefect :D

Ping said...

Demure Vixen looks so stellar!

Anonymous said...

it's so crazy because i feel like everyone wanted haute as hello to be a pastel coral cream, maybe sort of like tart deco, and i have seen such edited swatches that i don't believe i've seen the real color until this post!

Stephanie said...

I got the mini included Haute As Hello, Knockout Pout, Pretty Edgy and Demure Vixen. Of those four Demure Vixen was definitely, by far, my favorite.

ANSTAH said...

I picked up Demure Vixen and Pretty Edgy also. Have yet to try them, but I'm definitely going to soon!!!

Anonymous said...

I just got pretty edgy myself, all of the colors shown look great on you, esp demure vixen! =)

Jo said...

My fave is definitely Demure Vixen, I love the pink shimmer in it!

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