Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Quest for Coral: Part 2

Alright ladies, here we go! Three corals that I think are the best I've found so far!

OPI Chapel of Love (black label) Revisited:

I've gone back-and-forth on this polish so many times it's hard to count. I've gotten it, swapped it away, swapped again to get it back, etc. This is the last time and I'm keeping it!! (But I'm still undecided about how it looks on my tips! Toes - excellent.) What makes this polish so beautiful is the fine gold shimmer in it - it really warms the colour up and causes it to look quite pink in some lights - almost bubblegum - then very coral in others. The formula on this was...not ideal. If you look closely, you can see that I still have VNL - after 3 coats! Not really liking that aspect.

Essie Carousel Coral:

I really like this one - it's more intense than Chapel of Love, but I think I might still be able to pull it off. I really like that its a creme and doesn't have shimmer - coverage was also really great! I think this might be my favourite one on me...which surprises me. I want to do a full mani with this!

Zoya Cassi:

This is lighter and more subdued than Chapel of Love, with a slightly more orange tint. It also has champagne shimmer instead of gold, which softens the polish and gives it more of a cool cast - which is probably more flattering for my skin. I think this is a winner.

Conclusions? I like all three of these, but I'm still not that comfortable wearing corals! Maybe I'm not a 'coral person'? I typically don't wear such bright colours... I've learned along the way that pink-toned corals suit my skin better than orange or red-toned corals, so I feel like all of these three flatter my skin tone pretty decently. I don't know what my problem is...I need the input and critical eye of the PoP readers to help me out here!

What do you think? Are any of these 'my' coral??


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Rhea said...

The Essie one looks really good on you!

Sarah said...

I really like all of these! I am kind of the same as you with corals, I am not a fan of the orange/red toned ones, but adore the pink toned ones! The Essie that you've shown is actually one I want to get. :)
So far, I only have CND Tropic Coral and I LOVE it! It's more on the bright side like the Essie too.
Personally, I think all 3 of these corals works for you. It just depends on the look you feel like that day. More subtle? Go with Chapel of Love. Feeling fun? Go with Carousel Coral. Feeling girlie? Go with the Zoya. :)

milan and vanaily said...

oo I've also been looking for some nice corals. I really like Essie Carousel Coral. :D


Grace said...

Maybe it's the picture, but the Essie polish is the only one that actually looks "coral" to me. The others just look pink. That said, I like them all, but the Essie is still my favorite. I have decided that I just can't wear light coral shades like this and instead I go for the darker ones (closer to red than pink). My absolute favorite of that bunch is Essie One of a Kind. It's a pinky-orangey-red and it's the perfect summer coral for me. I'm giving up on the others. Too much $ spent on a pile of reject polishes.

Jackie S. said...

The Essie is the best out of the 4....Very pretty!

My favorite coral is by Essie too, its called "cute as a button"

Lolitadewdrop said...

My favorite one is Essie Carousel Coral.

Laura said...

I don't think any of these are coral, really (they look more pink to me than anything else) but I do like all four!

Andrea said...

I agree that the Essie one looks more coral. Have you tried Zoya Elodie? I have it and love it.

kittytokaren said...

Hi all!

They're all photographing quite pink in this shot - in more normal light (its been very stormy here) the coral comes out more in all of them. Chapel of Love does look quite pink in a lot of lights though.

@Rhea - thanks! Thank my favourite as well :)

@Sarah - You are a bad influence...trying to make me keep all of them...but it will probably happen :)

@milan - I've looked high and lo and Carousel Coral is my favourite coral so far!

@Grace - That is sort of what I'm concluding as well - these lighter ones are just impossible and this isn't the first summer I've tried super hard to find one that works for me - so many duds in the graveyard....Plus I really like how CC looks on me and its the reddest of the bunch!

@Jackie S - Cute as a Button is adorable!!! It looks quite neon on me - is that how it looks on you??

@lolitadewdrop - Me too :)

@Laura - like I said above, they're photographing super pink, but they are all on the pink side for sure...

@Andrea - I haven't tried Elodie but I've seen it and it looks too bright for me - like Essie Cute as a Button.


Jana said...

I really like all three of them on you - you can totally pull off corals! I think I like Cassi a little bit more than the other two, but you really can't go wrong with any of them.

Zuzu said...

Thanks for great pink swatches!!


Jo said...

Cassi looks fantastic on you ;) It's definitely my fave out of the 4.

kittytokaren said...

@Jana - Thank you! Maybe my skin works with them but I still feel a little uncomfortable - Cassi is definitely the softest of the bunch!

@Zuzu - You're Welcome!

@Jo - Thank you!! It is quite girly :)


AggiePigeon said...

The Zoya is so so pretty on you, but I think you should try Orly Terra Cotta!

kittytokaren said...

@Aggie - I just looked that one up and I like it - I think I'm ready to try the bolder side of coral! Thank you!


Katy said...

Essie CC has the most pain in the butt application for me. It ALWAYS leaves streaks. Maybe I haven't figured out its ways, but the color is great (put it on my toes earlier today, even). Like a bright salmon pink.

kittytokaren said...

@Katy - Wow I'm surprised because I adored the application of CC!! Do you have a black label bottle or blue label? Mine is blue label


Piff said...

These all look pink to me, love!

kittytokaren said...

@Piff - *sigh* yeah, you're right. But one is even named coral!!!! I think everything just pulls pink on me?? I fail.


Piff said...

Well wait, now that I think of it cassi is definitively peach. Maybe you need to adjust your camera settings and increase the lighting? What's your camera love? Let me see if I can helps.

kittytokaren said...

@Piff - It's definitely the lighting. It's been stormy and overcast and gross here for weeks - the sun just came out later today for the first time. I'm going to do a full mani of Carousel Coral soon so hopefully I'll be able to capture the multiple facets of coral. Things do tend to pull pink on me though so its not all lighting...i.e. TMF looks pink-mauve on me, not nude. Blarg.

Katy said...

The label is white with blue ink. I have no idea what that means.

kittytokaren said...

@Katy - that means its 'blue label' - the newer kind that is free of the 3 worst chemicals (B3F). If it was a white label with black writing, it would be 'black label', which means it still contains delicious chemicals! Funny though, bc we have the same version and my app was great - maybe I got lucky?


Adrienne said...

k2k! I'm so glad that you got your hands on Carousel Coral bc well.. you know it's my only coral! haha And more so I'm glad you have it on your nails! It def is the most coral out of the others... I don't think it's too bright esp since it's summer time! Wear it proudly :)

kittytokaren said...

@Adrienne - Hi friend! You and I seem to have some similar tastes and thats one of the things that pushed me to get CC! I am going to do a full mani of it soon and show everyone (even though everyone is probably bored by my coral posts). It's been so stormy and overcast - we are just starting to get sun - so I think the pics will come out better!


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