Sunday, June 27, 2010

OPI Summer Flutter - Quick 'n Dirty

I'm a bad bad girl...I bought these on a total whim at Ulta. I'm not usually an impulse shopper. I'm still dubious about whether I should keep them or not - I can only really envision myself wearing them as pedis!

Help me decide! This is OPI Catch Me in Your Net (index and middle) and OPI Wing It! (ring and pinky) from the OPI Summer Flutter Collection:

These were both very sheer - for this swatch I used 3 coats of Catch Me in Your Net and 5 coats of Wing It!? Sheesh.

They've very sparkly and unique, and I can see myself enjoying them on my feet - especially Wing It! I'm not that into layering, so even though I know I could just layer them over an opaque colour, the toddler inside me is whining "but whyyyyyyyyyy???"

What do you think? Keep or swap?


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bird of a feather said...

I'd swap WIng it and keep Catch me in your net, which I'd wear on my hand nails without any h├ęsitation!

lovenailpolish said...

Keep CMIYN and do layer! It is amazingly beautiful on my toes now over ds sapphire. I only have one coat but it is totally opaque. I did this as a mani on my blog also check it out! I LOVE IT!

myclumsyheart said...

Start layering them over different colored polish(black, white, pink, light blue, yellow). Something like that and then pick the one that matches more colors!

Ice Queen said...

I would keep them. But if you aren't really tickled with them, trade them for something that you will be. :)

paintedbluestars said...

I agree with ice queen. If you love them you will use them and if you dont they just end up being personal dusties stuck to the back of your collection.
I love the look of cmiyn and would prolly try layering maybe over a darker blue like russian navy or something to that effect though:D

DeathByPolish said...

definitely swap, it's annoying that they are so sheer! if you don't already have the Zoya sparkles, you can replace the OPIs with those.


Diane said...

I had CMIYN on my toes earlier and took it off this morning and it was a HUGE pain in the ass. Just something to keep in mind.

It's a beautiful colour though, and I got a ton of compliments on it.

Freshie said...

Love both of these final colors but five coats is entirely too much

DesertNails8 said...

I can only tell if I like something on my toenails by seeing it on my toenails. I like a lot more colors on my fingernails than toenails. Also, I prefer toenail polish to need only a few coats as it's a bit awkward for me to paint only the tiny nails and not my skin! And I am a big blue nail polish fan on fingernails but somehow don't care for it on my feet so I'd pick the red one for your feet. Don't forget to show us the picture of your pedi!

kittytokaren said...

@bird of a feather - You're a braver woman than I! And probably a lot cooler..

@lovenailpolish & myclumsyheart- The idea is great, but I really dislike layering! I just don't know if I would use it if I could only use it for layering....

@IceQueen - Do you have them?? If so why do you like them?

@paintedbluestars - I think you're right - they'll just collect dust in my collection, and I'm not into that at all.

@deathbypolish - The sheerness truly is heinous!!

@Diane - Good to know! Thanks :)

@Freshie - Seriously - I am too lazy for that - plus I dont like how polish typically looks glopped on at that many layers.

@DesertNails8 - Haha I think I'm the opposite! I'll wear a lot more on my toes than I will on my nails...And no way will I subject the poor PoP readers to my awful feet! Oh noes! You guys would never forgive me...


Sandi said...

The Zoya Sparkles are much better coverage wise. Two coats of Charla would put CMIYN to shame and Gilda looks a lot like Wing It. It may be the first collection I actually buy all of.

Paillette said...

This might solve my "Wing it" lemming.
One melmer drawer of sheer/top coat type polishes.
I've got Charla, I think I can manage without these.
Thanks for posting this!

Karla said...

I have both of them and recently tried them both. I love CMIYN, and thought it wore really well for me. I didn't have as much luck with Wing It. If I could only have one, it would be CMIYN, hands down. I think it looks better than Wing it, and if it can handle my life with two toddlers, then it's a keeper in my book.

kittytokaren said...

@Sandi - So many people love that Zoya collex!

@Paillette - I was so disappointed by how sheer it was :( I loved it in the bottle. And you're welcome!

@Karla - I think I'm going to return them. They're just not doing it for me. I wouldn't wear CMIYN even though I like looking at it in the bottle!


Arrianne said...

Keep 'em and wear 'em on your fingers! No, if you don't like them, then swap away. I think you should definitely keep CMIYN though, it's too pretty. =)

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