Saturday, July 10, 2010

KotD: China Glaze Golds and Teal...with Glitter!

Hey guys!  I haven't had the pleasure of posting my nails in a while... Life gets so crazy busy sometimes it feels as though there isn't time to breathe.  Ah well. Such is life, I guess. I'm slowly checking off projects from my giant list of "stuff to do"... hopefully I'll get some schoolwork done in there, too. ;)

Here's a gold and teal look put together using different polishes from a handful of China Glaze collections. I paired Passion (Romantique) with Custom Kicks from the last summer's Kicks collection. Custom Kicks wears nicely on its own but the gold shimmer that comes out in this polish makes it a wonderful compliment to any gold. Just for fun (because I thought it might be easier than striping tape) I used Cleopatra (Glitter) to trim the edge of my french tip. Turned out okay but could've been a bit neater, IMO. (Click to expand for detail.)

Hope to be back soon with some more nail art. In the meantime, hope you guys are having a great summer.

Base: China Glaze Custom Kicks
Tip: China Glaze Passion
Trim: China Glaze Cleopatra
Stamp: China Glaze Custom Kicks & Passion; Konad Plate m51

Quick cellphone pic!

- mKat

What I'm wearing: ChG: Custom Kicks, Passion & Cleopatra (hands); ChG Japanese Koi (feet) awesome. :P
What I'm waiting on: Bon Jovi concert!  :D

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Millie said...

Wow that mani looks amazing! Really pops with your skintone.

Freshie said...

These colors are gorgeous together!

Michelle said...

It is really gorgeous! Love the colour combination and the konad!

AggiePigeon said...

this is the true meaning of the art in nail art, this is inspired, really!

Adrienne said...


I recently went to see Bon Jovi at the end of May!!!!!!!! What a coincidence :) Although I don't remember what i wore on my nails =/

Ashley A. said...

Gorgeous color choices! I love it!

mKat said...

Thanks everyone. :)

Adrienne: Bon Jovi is my favourite band of all time. Of all time. :P I have seen them 6 times now...sometimes 2x in one week and for most concerts I've actually gone alone since I don't know any other Bon Jovi fans. (Which is kind of crazy when you think about it...since there are a bazillion of them.) :P

Did you like it? Did Kid Rock open?

Adrienne said...


But on a more serious note, I LOVED Bon Jovi live. It was my first time seeing them live, and as I was buying the tickets I knew I was going to have a good time! When he came to NJ, Gavin Degraw opened, I also enjoyed him because he is the artist behind one of my fav high school shows, One Tree Hill.

mKat said...

I know... totally ridiculous, right?! Especially here. One year they put on FIVE shows here... You'd think if they could "sell out" five shows in this city, I'd know at least one other person who was a fan... but no. I know a couple of people who kind of like them but they're never so in love that they have to have tickets (and certainly not enough to go multiple times a week). I need a rabid fan kind of friend hahaha

Oh well. I don't let that hold me back. :P

I have actually learned some interesting things about concerts too... since I go by myself and buy tickets for various parts of the venue. Higher up is boring... nobody stands, nobody sings... nothing. But closer down...everybody is super into it.

That is awesome that you got to see Degraw. (More fun when you're super into the opener.) :) My favourite opener was Daughtry.

adorepink* Check out the new blog: Nailicious* said...

Such a gorgeous manicure this is! I have CG's custom kicks and I love it!

Lucy said...

Love this look. Beautiful patterns and color combinations.

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